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"Mr. Hyde" Assassins, we have a big problem.
"Rules of The League of Assassins"

"I want to narrow down my list."

⋇ I roleplay usually very detailed.
⋇ I don't tolerate with people trying to take what's mine.
⋇ I may flirt but only one who gets my attention and support is my bf.
⋇ I am not stupid if I do comment on your post something you do not like. Please be mature and tell me or private post me.
⋇ I am not always on here because I do have a life outside of google so please understand that.
⋇ I will not hesitate to let anyone know when they have over stepped their bounds.
⋇ And lastly, I will block anyone who starts to make me upset. I have my reasons.

"Now here are other rules"

To be in the League of Assassins, you have to have the skills set and knowledge and abilities to be considered by my team.

⊹ Hard working
⊹ Terrific ⚔swordsmanship
⊹ Dedicated to the mission
⊹ Knowledge of computer and programming skills
⊹ Math skills are a plus
⊹ Respect the team and name and do not backstab it or you will be dismembered
⊹ I mean business although I can joke around but when it comes to the mission I do not play


"And I'm recruiting new members now"
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anyone alive?

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Name:Sylvanas Windrunner
Age:i'm already dead
Eye color:red
bio:I was the guardian is my home.I got killed and got revived by an evil witch.I'm immortal i guess.

((+Slyvana Windrunner​​​)) [Location: New York City, USA] [Time: 7:00 PM in the afternoon] *As John Wilson drives around the NYC in his car before going to a bar ad relaxing along with sitting at a table on the right side of the bar waiting for a person*

Name: John Wilson

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birth date: 4/09/1982

Weapons/items: Glock pistol, shotgun, and dagger

Occupation: Soldier and assassin

Bio: Born as a child soldier during he cold war childhood and became an assassin in the year 2007

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I'll do that fr if I catch u
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