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Check out this quick video in a fast speedboat around the new and improved Adventure Bay on The Next Reality Grid.

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Check this out. This is my BMW M3 Drifting on a Hill Climb. Absolutely Awesome. Sorry about the Video quality. I had it on the wrong setting.

I would like to Thank Tiaal Allen for the fantastic Mesh Hill Climb and Erin Davies for an excellent drift script.

Lost more great things are coming to Pro Racer Soon !

Just updating Next Reality Grids main URL so the grid will be up and down for a little time while I update everything.
Please can you change the old URl : in your viewers and HG to

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Just added a pretty good Jetski to the Vehicles vendor on Adventure Bay. I found this on the Hypergrid somewhere. Its made by Wayda Dreamscape. It works very well on a Bullet enable region. Make sure you rez it on water, if you rez it on land it will disappear for some weird reason.

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Adventure Bay on the Next Reality Grid has a New Freebie Shop out on the Boat Dock. I am building up slowly with vendors.

So far there is Female Skins, Female Clothing and Vehicles. I will be adding to all the vendors as I find stuff to put in them.

Most of the items are what have been found out on the Hypergrid So, if there is anything you feel should not be there please let me know and I will remove them. will take you to the Airport. Take a taxi outside or a flight from upstairs to Adventure Bay or just type Adventure Bay on the Map.

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American Classic Car Expo.
This has to be the best Exhibition of Classic cars you will find anywhere in Opensim. They took a long time to import and get right, especially the georgeous Pink Caddy.

Has anyone or know anyone who has any tropical fish. I am creating a new diving area on Adventure Bay.

I found some fabulous diving gear somewhere out in the Metaverse and I will make it available in the new Tiki Dive Shop shortly.

I have just re-modified Adventure Bay from the 64 Region VAR back to its original 100 region VAR, so lots more space for water sport and some flying around.

Hi All,
The Next Reality Grid will be down for a little while. I had a router failure last night, but luckily the engineers have been this morning and swapped it over. My IP address has changed so I may have to wait a while for it to propagate after I change all the forwarding for the web addresses.
Bear with me.

The Adventure Bay Grid is going down for a little while, so I can move the server to another part of the house.

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When you arrive at the Main Adventure Bay Water Islands if you don't fancy walking or flying to the Tiki Shops there is a choice of 3 buggies  (Courtesy of +hoshi occu  at the side of the Main Building you can take a copy of and use to drive.
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