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『Quote(s)』I dont regret the things I've done. I only regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance.

Name: Hibiki

Nicknames: Frost

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Japanese

Species: Familiar {Familiars are Humans/ Reincarnated Humans that have a master and follow them. They obey every order}

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'1

Weight: 115

Appearance: {Picture} He always wears that Gasmask

Personality He easily gets mad. He doesn't take "crap" from noone. I recommend when you met him, you bring him food. {More soon}

Likes: Dark places, crows, Vainglory, eating, food, soccer, sparing, video games, and Chess

Dislikes: N/A

Brothers: N/A

Sister: N/A

Parents: N/A

Power: Ice, and Lightning

Crush: N/A

Relationship: Single


Ice Breakdown Fist: The user form their hand with ice and jab their opponent sending them flying with extreme force.

Ice Roar: The user releases a freezing hurricane blast from their mouth and are able to deal huge damage, but also freezing the target reducing their body temperature.

Ice Freezing Drill: The user jumps in the air and surrounds one of their legs, making it look like a ice shaped drill and spin around piercing their target.

Ice Crushing Fang: The user charges at the target than coats their elbow with spikes of Ice slashing them dealing damage to the target.

Ice Healing Hand: The user can heal his or her self or someone else.

Sub Zero: 5 Layer Dance: The user surrounds them self with ice coating their whole body and twirls around like they are dancing at a extreme speed, releasing a huge wave of ice able to cover a large radius making it shattering anything within range.

Shattering Glass: Diamond Scythe Exploding Barrage: The user forms a large Diamond shaped scythe and hits their target creating a Diamond shape Explosion causing the blast to deal massive damage while reducing the body temperature of the target to below Freezing point..

Sub Zero: Explosive Icicle Bomb of the Ice: The user creates a huge bomb like ball with their hands and hurls it at the target exploding them with insane amount of ice damage.

Ice Claw: With this spell, he is able to form Ice over his hands in order to resemble that of an Ice Dragon's. The strength of these claws are able to contend with and even break the blades of some swords. To prove how cold this spell is able to get, when in use it is able to cause the moisture in the are to begin to freeze, creating particles of snow in the process. When he slashes the target with these claws, he is able to cause the opponent to begin freezing over for as long as he maintains contact. 

Ice Wing :  The area around his arm is immediately frozen over and the air becomes frosted in his vicinity. The aura of this spell can instantly freeze anything that comes into extended contact with it, encasing it in a massive glacier. The use of this spell has the added effect of engulfing the surrounding landscape in a frozen tundra, the coldness of which is intense enough to create snow in the sky.

Ice Age: To use this spell, he proceeds to first jump high into the air above his target(s) and then proceeds to conjure a large glacier from even the tiniest bit of moisture in the air. He appears to stand above it as the glacier begins forming at his feet, taking in more moisture from the atmosphere and grows in size. After the glacier has finished forming, he uses the crafted mass of ice to come down atop of his foes, utilizing the glacier's massive weight to completely crush anyone beneath her, literally and metaphorically. This technique does not heavily rely on power as it focuses on using the natural design of a large descending object in order to do damage to his foes.

Ice Age: White Beak (氷期: 白嘴, Hyōki: Shiro Kuchibashi): A byproduct of the previous Hail Descension spell. Instead of using the mass of ice to crush an opponent, he will procees to peel off shards of ice from the large glacier instead. The shards of ice from this spell, fly off at high speeds, being capable of catching moving targets with ease, although they can only fly in one general direction at a time. Any object struck by one of White Beak's ice shards will become trapped in a prison of thick ice until someone manages to thaw it away.

His ice make magic uses his imagination.

Lightning Strike: He is able to absorb any electricity into his his hand and pound it into the ground. It shocks/stuns opponents for seven seconds.

Lightning Roar: Obviously He is able to scream and a beam of lighting comes out of his mouth. When hit by this, the opponent will be stunned and his/her speed will be reduced greatly

Teleportation: He is able to teleport anywhere as longs as there's cloud or some sort of electronic by. How does it work? Lightning will strike him, then making him dissappear.

Manipulation: When eye's are two separate colors she gains the power to make anyone do anything she wants when they look into her eye's, this however does not drain energy and is used rarely

Black Lightning
Can create lightning of dark aura that can pierce through 200 times the strength of steel. Uses up energy, and can only be used for 10 minutes. Also can neutralize enemy aura.


Hibiki was an ordinary boy, he had a fantastic like. He loved magic, he always thought he could be strong. However fate had other plans. A tragedy happen somewhere out side of Tokyo in the mountains. His house burned down, his parents died and he was the only one who survived. After a while, he had met a guy who knew power. The same type of power he had, but the man he met was more powerful.

He trained with the man, trying to master Lightning and ice. After what seemed forever he was 18, he had strong and dark aura. The man didn't like his dark aura, so he had to kill him

That night..the man had gotten a sword and tried to slice his neck but instead missed. the man pushed the boy into a Lantern making the Hibiki face on fire.

He died. The man was never seen again. A couple of years later and Hibiki was incarnated, not as human but a Familiar. Although his face was burned when he died, his faced seemed fine. He was a little afraid of fire, so he wore a Gasmask.

As a familiar, he followed and obeyed his master but when the master dies. The familiar is just a stray, like a cat or dog living out on the streets.

He moved to Tokyo, looking for someone worthy of his power and loyalty. Although he doesn't take liking to people as much. Other people see Hibiki as a human, but in reality, he is nothing more than a familiar, like a walking corpse. His aura is strong and dark, people get the chills just by walking by him.

He is hoping that one day, he will find a master to his liking, and maybe even bringing him back as a human.

Special Powers (maximum is 2):
{Coming soon}

Attack: 100%

Defence: 77%

Speed: 100 %

Stamina: 75%

Reflexes:75 %

Power Control: 85%

{Are they supposed to be out of 100%}

Theme Song: N/A


Hikari. Is this school from Corpse Party?
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