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Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight Sparkle are hugging each other how very cute

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Princess and Princess Cadance are smiling at each other how adorable

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All of my favorite Alicorn Princesses

Are Crystalfied
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This is summer rose
Lives with candence 1week out of the month but only for train to be a proper young mare
Likes to garden and make sweet tarts
Bio : soon to come
Dislikes: loud nosies and crowds ÔĽŅ
Btw I can take the whole cadence thing out if u want me too just be nice about it I have had this oc for a long time now

Hi can I Plzzz sign up on anther community they rejected my oc will u Plzzz take mine ūüėĘ

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Name: Winter's Gleam(Nicknamed Winter)
 Age: 23
 Gender: Mare
 Species: Pegasus
 Cutie Mark: Three Snowflakes, and a curl of wind blowing through.
 Personality: Happy, Sunny, fun, loving, sometimes random, she can be a good listener, and she loves dragons. 
 Items:  She carries an Ice-Enchanted Sword, small icicles that resemble knives, sometimes a book, and bits for money. She also always has her Ice Dragon Blizzard riding her shoulder.
 Natural Skills: She can ice sculpt, and basically do about anything. She can fight in close-quarters-combat, and in long range.
 Powers: She has a strange connection to the Magical Power of Serenade's Freeze.
 Battle Skills: She is experienced in hoof-to-hoof combat, normal sword fighting, long-range attacks, and can make anything out of her Ice, but it drains her stamina(depending on size and power).
¬†Backstory:(In the future, but she was really alive after the the first Nightmare Moon incident. She was frozen in ice. She's from another kingdom, but let's pretend that she came to this one.) As a little filly, Winter was treated different. It was unusual for a pony(much less a pegasus) to be gifted from birth with the Ability to control Ice. She usually wore socks everywhere, for fear she would accidentally hurt somepony. Queen Nightshade saw an interest in this filly, and helped her master her powers. She soon rose through the ranks, and became General of the Kingdom. But, her destiny awaited her thousands of years ago, before she woke up without a clue of what happened to her old town, RiverstreamÔĽŅ

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Name: King Sombra
Age:  over 2000
Gender:  Stallion
Species:  Unicorn(immortal)
Cutie Mark:  Crystals(duh)
Personality:  (New and improved) Solemn, serious, dark, but he is not evil anymore.
Powers: High knowledge of magic and dark magic, and his power is based on shadow magic
Battle Skills: He uses his scythe as a close and raged combat weapon, and uses his magic in both as well.
Backstory:  (Read Sombra's backstory) After he was apparently "destroyed" by the Crystal Heart, Sombra was found in an ice glacier years later. He is no longer evil, but his identity as the King of Shadows still lingers in his eyes.
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