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Hi. Geist is at it again. He's encouraging constant abuse of power to have me muted and deny freedom of speech. I gave you the details so feel free to your bats, your clubs and your steel pipes and march on over to Shang Hai to clobber him.

Ever hear of the 5 Bad Band Trope

Big Bad: TheDevilsToll
The Dragon: Klizterk
The Evil Genius: Red Geist
The Dark Chick: 30 Year Old Virgin (passes himself off as woman to trick men and steals a woman's account)
The Brute: Killa

Additional Sixth member/Lancer: Bad Dog/Trilly

The Goodfellas is an evil organization. It must be destroyed.

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I'm not kidding when I say the people that are in this server are account thieves. You can sort of guess what happened to this account sometime after this discussion. +Captain Samahain You want to know how many accounts I lost to these people? More then 5 accounts and for every account they steal they put them on a wall with my address and post nudes on the avatars of the jacked accounts.

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Here is an example. Hopefully this photo works. I have archives of like a lot of the atrocious things that not just Geist but the rest of Goodfellas have done to me.

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Do not trust this lowlife that is Red Geist. He's a bully in a bully server. I not only have screenshots of him but of the other people in the server and what they did as well.

Please ban user Red Geist from this community

Hey guys thanks for accepting me. Do you accept dox requests by any chance? I have had a run in with a very nasty user on Discord. I think I have his dox and I would like to get even with him.

Okay thank you. Good to know +ChaoCius Anyway this is the potential dox of a Discord user I've been wanting to get even with known as Red Geist#1504. The guy set me up to get banned from a Wiki server by bringing in drama from outside the server. The guy has repeatedly harassed me in another server along with other people and said server is guilty of blackmail, threats to my life and the life of others close to me, deceit, lies, manipulation, etc. So when I call him out on it and get angry at him for it he of course plays the victim card to the wiki server and gets me banned from it. Anyway here is his dox.

Name: Zhiyi Li
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1999/12/31
ID Card: 130681196812316911
Address: Hu Shi Tai
City: Shanghai
Zip Code: 200021
Phone Number: 13096214548

Wait this is still a thing? Lmao
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