Roll call for today's meetup? We haven't picked a location yet either.

How can I turn off the email notifications about portal activity?

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Went to Leaburg fish hatchery today and linked some portals. Got my daughter on the team.

Also, lightening struck a power pole 100 feet from me while I was walking from Marci's to get some keys someone dropped. Closest I've come to being struck, ever.


Tip Tyme: Be mindful of your links, if you play smart you can block green links or even put fields inside of fields for super bonuses. Field-ception bro!

Who's down for some destruction on Tuesday? Also it would be nice to assign someone as the local Operations Liason who coordinates tactical location strikes to build fields or crush some Enlightenment. Any volunteers?

Welcome all! This is the vaping and Ingress group originating out of Eugene Oregon! We're interested in growing a community around blowin' clouds and stomping out the Enlightened! Please feel free to coordinate events, sting operations, or just discuss tactics and vaping. Enjoy!
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