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It is no longer to The Donald's benefit to praise WikiLeaks.

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Tech expert!

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Awesome article posted by

I have always said Trump acts stupid, which makes himw uû smart. I have been waiting for the setup against the leakers. Looks like this is the first of many.

My favourite part of the article is up front and I quote:

To begin with, here, let’s clarify that “Trump not being an idiot” doesn’t mean “Trump plans to do what you or I want him to do.”

It means he intends to do what he wants to do, and is prepping the battlespace for his campaign.

So it’s necessary to set aside for the moment what you think is the right thing to do, and analyze the operational character of the activity we see from Trump.

So I shall continue to watch The Apprentice - Presidential​ Edition from out here in the cheap seats.

I will also try to be more active here. is a bit like Adam's kitchen at a party, full of loud conversation and bursting with activity.

Our community here is more like a grown ups dinner party where the interactions​ are more measured and deep. Slower pace and easier to take everything in.

Between here, the chat room, Mastodon, and trying to write and record jingles for our show, it's taking up a bit of time. But it fun. I might even get around to listening​ to the podcast too. 

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The world has officially turned on it's head. Bill Maher is taking up for Ann Coulter.

I agree with Bill on this one.

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When it all hits the fan, Adam will have a "Safe Space" in the Netherlands. Looks like there would be enough room for JCD and hit clan as well. LOL

Did Neil deGrasse Tyson march for science? I saw no mention of him yesterday. 

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Make sure you have been approved by the government as a journalist before trying to get something published. 

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