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Welcome to HD Widgets Beta group!


Use the links below to opt-in / opt-out of the betas, as well as find the apps in the Play Store (some of these may be hidden from the general public).

HD Widgets



Colourform XP


Kairo XP

Updating this app may cause widgets to disappear on native Samsung / HTC launchers. This is a major Android / Play bug affecting ALL paid widget apps.

We will be continually updating the BETA app which may cause your widgets to disappear. Apologies for the hassle, but we gotta do what we gotta do...

- use Nova Launcher
- turn off auto-updates
- or leave the beta for a little while 

Hot spots not allowing me to set forcast and weather app back to hd widgets built in weather. Instead it just opens hd widgets app to my active widgets page

Hi, my HD widget is not working. I need help. Im getting an error that pops up saying HD widget has stopped working. I paid for this app and now it stopped working. I like this app. I hope you could help me. 

With the update to Android 7.0, the lockscreen notification banner is now white and it's difficult to view the standard weather icon. Can you make the weather icon customizable to any of the other iconsets available?

How to set lockscreen on xiaomi HH

Does anyone have experience running.HD widgets on Android N? I removed HD widgets (among other apps) suspecting it caused boot loops. 

Even though this hasn't been updated in a VERY long time, it's still my go-to clock/weather app. Nothing else compares, IMO.

Hi my weather don't work... 

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Saw them live at Oscars in Colorado Springs Friday night. Awesome band!

I purchased this app for the weather forecast widget. I anticipated a calendar widget also but disappointed. I cant grt the weather undergeound or accuweather to load any weather data. S4 w/ StraightTalk. Ive never had any issues loading anything when im 4g. I have OpenSignal also and im having issues connecting/accuracy to gps services
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