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Ok Guys this is so cool I hope this person makes another one!

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Hey guys You're Leader here today Is Sunny Sunday!
Here's some rules for sunny Sunday!
1: Post about ur sunny days
2: post pictures of you want!
2: Have fun!!!
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Hey Guys,
It's me Forest Cat here and today I was gonna look for * drum roll *
Yes I'm gonna try and look for friends on the Wii U you know that you guys have minecraft on the Wii U so you should friend me and we will have tons of fun!
Just give me your Nintendo ID and I'll give you mine and we'll be off!
My Nintendo ID: Serenity2107

Hey Guy's, great news we just started the group and what we're doing here is,
Getting new friends for minecraft,
Having fun,
And playing minecraft hope you have a good day and good time here!
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