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For those of you having Realtek and Broadcom wireless issues, this article may help.
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I am on elementary is Luna . I can't install handbrake through terminal command nor I can get it from software center so can anyone provide me a .deb file of handbrake thanx in advance
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+linuxpusher2 thanks dude
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Beta News reviews Kubuntu derivative Netrunner. This release of Netrunner comes with the Kubuntu packages for Plasma 5 making this a sort of preview for Kubuntu 15.04 and the review continues the trend of good words for the new KDE desktop. Netrunner likes to make plenty of customisations ...
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LinuxLite is the only distro (so far) where I could install a Netflix packages and it worked out of the box...
Does anybody know another distro where I can install Netflix and it just works with no need to do some "magic" ?
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PCLinuxOS 2014.12 Mate is the distro I use for people who want netflix.
It's all there and in it's repositories.
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The Complete VsFTP Configuration Guide - Vsftp configuration,Dual logging,Securing FTP with SSL & chrooted FTP (Jailing) in RHEL6
Hello Friends, Let us discuss about the Vsftp configuration, chroot FTP and how to secure the FTP with SSL. You all are aware about what is vsftpd. vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Daemon) is an FTP server for UNIX-like systems, inclu...
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Linux Domain Controller - Free IPA Server configuration in RHEL 7.0

Vinil Vadakkepurakkal's profile photo is beginning to have many articles on various Android topics. Did you ever think would do so?
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Hi. I wonder why my screen sometimes gets noisy like that
I have a Intel video card. Whats the matter ?
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Back to the topic... If composition goes not well with the Intel video driver, is there a way to force Linux to use the generic vesa driver ?
Could it go better ?
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Rob Kennedy

Discussion  - 
Recently, a ‘security service’ provider Alert Logic posted a blog post explaining how they uncovered a new security issue in Linux which they go further to say it affects ALL of the Linux platforms out there including mobile devices. They called it “grinch”. In actuality, what they’ve uncovered is expected behavior… Quick version First off, …
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iSCSI Target & Initiator configuration in RHEL 7.0
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