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i loved your poem, i hope you enjoy mine
The Poetry Barnyard
The Poetry Barnyard

I am shy I am nice
Inside I am full of sugar and spice
I am quiet also smart
I am not a genius but I do have a great heart
I think about everything from life to singing
I think about college and adulthood beginning
I love to help people
It helps with my self-esteem
Someday  want to be part of a medical team
I am a great friend that is true
If some has a broken heart I will be the glue
My life is empty without my music
It puts my mind at ease
I am a child of God
I believe in faith and peace
This is the real me I don't pretend
I will be myself until the very end
When it comes to inner beauty it makes my heart melt
In the words of RuPaul:
"If you don't love yourself, how the hell will you love anybody else?"
I am a girl full of sweetness and glee
But the greatest thing of all is that I AM ME! ;-)
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