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11 Tips I to have strong relationship with your customer and to create high emotional value:

Show that you care and appreciate that they do business with you – Never take your costumer for granted, because unconsciously your attitude and overall service will be less great.
Focus on trust, commitment, reliability and consistency – Do your basics right, because you need to have good cornerstones for your business and costumer strategy in the first place.
Make every customer a “VIP” – listen to them, pay attention and demonstrate your genuine interest. This way your every customer feels special.
Go extra mile for them to accomplish their goal – Station yourself as a friend, as a partner who helps customers get what they need with additional help. If you sell sport shoes, inform your customers where they can run their first marathon or give your own opinion about that product. People are always more trusted when they get normal human contact while deciding to buy it or not.
Involve your customers: let them be a part o community – make sure your customer are involved and understands all the background information how this product or service have been made, why it was made and all the steps were taken to deliver that product to their hands.
Establish easy 1-2-1 communication – regularly check your email, respond to calls or letters. Spend some time keeping in touch with your customer. Even a holidays greeting via email brings amazing value to your company and builds strong relationship with your customer.
Share it like crazy – don’t be afraid to inform your customers how is your company doing, new information or when new shipment of one of the kind merchandise will arrive or what kind of discounts your shop will offer for the holiday season.
Remind them good memories – try to focus on peoples good memories during and after doing business with your company. Good memories and feelings unconsciously will be associated with you company and this way will create good emotional value.
Associate your companies values and goals to customers goals and values – show them how your product or service will have impact in their day-to-day life and how better it will be if they purchase your product/service.
Research who are your major customers – try to understand what your average customer is, what is his interest. Using that information organize activities, advertisements and overall experience to please your customer.
Customer convenience – get rid of stupid rules and bureaucracy for your customer. People get very irritated when they need to fill bunch of papers or unnecessary work in order to buy services or products. Customer convenience should be your priority.

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Your first actions should always be to carefully examine current situation:

Did your employee have received proper training and adequate warnings?
Have you fully informed him how he is performing and delivering his work?
Does how fully understands corporate procedures?
Was this employee fairly treated?
Would another department offer him better placement?
Was your employee targeted in any way of sexual, racial or religious discrimination?
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Quick Take Away’s:
Always look good and professional.
Trust is destructive. Better have more enemies around you, rather than friends.
Let everything look easy for you.
Be in the center of attention.
Plan step by step and fallow it on. Don’t bite more than you can chew.
Never enforce others to do what you want. Lure them to the point that you want.
Speak less, act more.
Keep your distance emotionally and physically.
Never act like a smartest person in the room. Others will place target on your back.

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BusinessCaviar have announced Christmas event for free registration. It is amazing project with free professional knowledge database that is accessible FREE now.  

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In this article you will learn:

How human body reacts to pressure.
How beliefs and understanding of actual stress affect your body.
How to exploit stressful situations to increase your performance.

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Great article how professionally search for new job and tips how not to fail during interview.

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Great article about emotional Leadership. And why does people follow others not by actual solid solution, but by emotional drive. 

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by Keith Sawyer

To see if team is really collaborative, team leader or supervisor requires stepping a little back and trying to see everything from objective perspective. Those groups that really share idea of collaboration always show 7 traits that define them as a self sufficient, organized and collaborative team.

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by Keith Sawyer

In order to build collaborative teams in the organization it is essential to assure flexible and creative organizational vision. The structure of the team and work space first of all has to encourage people engagement and communication with one another.
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