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Profile template.
☆Apperance: ((Cant just say pictures add a little more description))
☆Status: ((Hero or Villian?))
☆Relationship status:
☆Extra: ((Anything you want to add))

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☆Name: tato strike(alter-ego: night ninja)
☆Age: 17-20
☆Family: no ones actually sure that he's related to mammoth,and he hopes he isn't
☆Bio: i was born (trolled :3)
☆Abilities: invisibility,light weight speed and teleportation...thats it
☆Apperance: light brown skin,usually wears a white shirt and or holds a gun most of the time
☆Sexuality: heterosexual
☆Status: neutral (both)
☆Relationship status: single
☆Personality: nice,quiet,dark
☆Extra: owns a katana,a machete and a mallet

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"I'm bad luck.
Good was never an option for me."

☆Name: Jinx
☆Age: unknown
☆Family: unknown
☆Abilities: Power of bad luck, skilled acrobate
☆Apperance: Purple hair in the form of an horseshoe, black and purple clothes
☆Sexuality: Straight
☆Status: Reformed Villian
☆Relationship status: Girlfriend of Kid Flash
☆Personality: Self-assured, serious and wants to be taken seriously
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Who wants to have a Jinx profile if you haven't already got one?

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You can invite more people guys

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☆Name: Juvia Midnightflame.
☆Age: 18
☆Family: Mum- Raven, Dad- Beast Boy, Brother- Hiru Midnighflame, Sister- ((Same with the sister))
☆Bio: Became a Titan at the age of 7. Has read every book about every Hero and Villian.
☆Abilities: Moves things with the power of her mind, flies, shapeshifts and water mage.
☆Apperance: Every day look- Looks like the picture but has green eyes. Shapeshift- Short red hair and one red eye. ((Looks like the other picture. The one with red hair))
☆Sexuality: Straight
☆Status: Hero.
☆Relationship status: Single
☆Personality: Dark and gloomy, Friendly and nice, Shy and Rebel.
☆Extra: Sociable and energetic.
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Profile template.
☆Name:Hiru Midnightflame
☆Family:mom- Raven dad- Beast boy Sisters- Juvia midnightflame ((if you want to be the other sister ask +Ivy Estance​ ))
☆Bio:Became a titan at the age of seven just like his older sister(s)
☆Abilities:um summoning demonic creatures his favorites are his demon blasters as he calls them they shoot a stream of blue fire that can melt anything. Teleportation is another one,he calls it his shortcut's, telekinesis but this is in his demon form his normal form just has shape shifting between species of animals.
☆Apperance:Every day form- well its kind of odd but he likes to walk around with cat ears and a tail his eyes are blue in this form. Demon form- Well one of his is blue while the other is white his hair turns white in this form.
☆Relationship status:single
☆Personality:In normal form- Happy,energetic, shy to new people. In demon form- Dark,cold, analytic except to his sisters who he's always nice too
☆Extra:He isn't afraid to kill but chooses not to unless you try anything against his sisters then you'll suffer
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I will have revenge for all the pain you've caused me.
Everyone's equal.

Name: Takashi Samsaro
Height: 5; 7
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Boy
Family: Cousin to Raven
Age: 18
Relationship Status: Single.
Species: Human, (But anyone can say that I am a demon) Maybe something else
Personality: Shy, Kawaii, Gamer, Awkward, Brave, Smart, Active,
Qualification: Hero!
Skills/Powers: Teleportation, Faking Emotions, can turn his blades into hands, has super fast reflexes, can cook really well, survival statistics, has learnt to fend for himself without using his sword hands. S-Class powers; They activate only when someone he knows or loves dies/gets tortured/gets hurt. Part of his S-Class powers are having his sword hands upgraded, to have a magic that burns to the touch.
Bio: Takashi was living in his home village: Ragni. But, when he was 10 years old, some people invaded it. His Mum and Dad had been captured and Takashi with them. They kept them alive... But then he was chained in a seat in front of his Mum and Dad, and they did very cruel methods of torture on his parents. He screamed and begged them to stop but they didn't listen and carried on. They were intending to drive Takashi insane... His Mum and Dad had cuts and bruises on every part of their body. After some more days and nights of intense torture the people who had captured them then asked "Which parent do you want to keep alive?"The mans eyes had a glint to them. Takashi's eyes widened as two of the men each had their hands around his parents necks. "Otherwise I'll kill both of them." He screamed and asked "Why me?" Takashi couldn't choose any one of his parents and saw the men's grip on his parents necks tighten. He begged and Tears started rolling down his cheeks, he didn't ask for this... He wanted to just hug his Mum and Dad and go home... The sound of the number 10 woke him up from his imagination... 9, 8, 7 "WHY ME?" 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 The man grinned as he let the men tighten their grip even more... And then the two limp bodies that used to be his parents... Were dead... "MOM!!!! DAD!!!!" He fell silent and could only hear the sound of Tears trickling down his cheeks onto the floor and the sound of his heart pounding rapidly in his chest. He didn't know what had come over him but he had somehow teleported out of the chains and turned his blades into hands, he was intent on getting his revenge. The men grabbed their guns, (thanks to his fast reflexes) but he stabbed them through the heart and waited until the ringleader was the only one left. "This is all your fault
..." He approached the man and the man was frozen to the spot. The man reached for his gun but Takashi had chopped his arm off... Then the room was filled with blood and screams... He had survived on his own, having stolen some money from the people that captured him (They were a kind of group that had stolen priceless artifacts and sold them; they were called Atsakuno) He had also learned to control his power and a temporary family had taken him in (he had faked his emotions and said that his parents both were murdered and didn't involve the torturing and everything else but couldn't cover his Tears up), but he lives in his own house now. He was traumatised for a year and this could be the root cause of his shyness and awkwardness. He still remembers his Mum and Dad and always gets teary eyed to this day. He hides his powers as best as be can, this is rare but sometimes his hand randomly turns into a blade, but he normally does it by will. Also, one time, his Mum and Dad were brought up by another Powered person. He killed that person with his S-Class powers.
Looks: He has a white scarf and his shirt varies. He has brown hair, a straight face, a shy smile when he's happy, a fake smile when he's sad, and he never takes his scarf off. He had become a Hero, to protect the world.
Likes: Noodles, Dreams, Vengeance, Happiness, Keeping Secrets.
Dislikes: Bullies, Mean people, The organisation who killed his parents, failing to exceed someone's expectations, His shyness, his awkwardness.
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