Does anyone know how to enable the USB-WAKEUP (connected to the GPIO1 pin on the AXP209 via a voltage divider) to wake the A10/A20 from suspend to RAM?

I'm attempting to set the system up to suspend to RAM (powered by an external battery) when the AC power is removed and resume when power is turned back on.

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Any idea of how I can use these images on the Itead A20 Development board

I have #Iteaduino Plus A20 with IteadOS Linux 2.0.4.

I want to use for programming with #Python.

I can't find it in my /usr/local/lib/ directory and anywhere else.

Any ideas, where I can find it / find the source to compile?

I can't seem to run any sketches on my #GboardPro , when only external power" is applied. The skethes run fine though when I connect a #FOCA programmer to the #Gboard Pro, and launch the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor.

How do I fix this?

has anybody a working A20 qemu instalation?

Has anyone tried Internet Radio on Iteaduino Plus hardware. Has anyone interfaced an LCD to the hardware ?

@iteaduino the A20 Datasheet pdf is broken....

About Li-ion batteries. Protection circuit must be equipped! one of my unprotected batt got charged to 4.54V, holly crap! still don't know that's which part's failure.

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:D running on battery only 

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boot, battery powered.

jumper from core 3V3 (L5-C131, a pin need to be  soldered ) to base board 3V3(2.54mm header pin-74 or pin-66). USB  will not be powered

a 103450 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery shown.
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