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there was a man that was cursed to die forever, his body never ages, but he suffered…  he would only die if his brain was killed, so his body could be ripped apart to the bone, organs missing but still he can't die until his brain is removed or killed. This man had no real name or memories of himself. This poor cursed being was found by a group of scientist who saw him as a thing that they could do as they please with. They burned him inside and out melting his flesh, they cut him up and removed parts of his body, made him drink poison, or any pain inflicting experiments that they couldn't do to regular humans since his body would revive 10 min after being killed. leaving him in pain until the see fit to kill him and let his body recreate himself. This happened for 50 years new workers coming in as the years go by no one seems to feel sorry for the male not even seeing him as a human only a testing body to do things that they wouldn't do to normal people.

((There are two options))


‘You find out that there is a illegal lab that's running test on humans, being a police officer your team of officers busted into the lab and arrested everyone, but you only find one person there being the man, he's dressed in only underwear, he's pinned to the wall by large sharpened sticks of metal stabbed all over his body even through his heart some much blood was under him that he should be dead, you talked with you team and decided to mercy kill him since he looked to be in pain, they agree seeing as the man was suffering and passed saving, you fired one shot as his head killing him, but before you fired you thought you hear a soft voice say “thank you” right before you pulled the trigger. Your team pulled him off the wall and placed him in a body bag. As your team is taking the bag out you felt movement but you think it's just your imagination, but as the bag is put in the ambulance to take away you hear him talking “hello…. it's dark…I can't get out…. “ his voice sounded so soft and weak, you open the bag and he sits up and looked around nervous “where am I…. this isn't my cell? “ there is clearly something wrong after everyone was done freaking out you realized you had a eye witness to help put all the people there behind bars for good’

(No mercy)

‘You are one of the head scientists that didn't most of the experiments on the male, you only called him by ((whatever you like)) today your just harvesting organs since they could be put into people and not have the same ability as the subject so they would live normal and healthy lives. You had a system to remove all his organs even eyes and put them away to be stored carefully, then kill him wait 10 min then do it again. At the moment your heading to his cell, on days like this he needs a bath…’

rules- - I will not expect one line replies so please if you can give me more then that do not do this because I will lose interest
you can name him anything you like for both options
- if you pick no mercy you have to be mean, if you pick mercy you have to be nice well if you want to be nice its OK to be rude
- have fun!
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forest had been lost for a few days in the woods, he's starving every human he came across he begged for help. The problem wasn't that they didn't care it was that they were scared of him, you see he's part snake, so seeing a young male with scales and the fangs, the eyes. He stumbled onto your came you were asleep he normally would have waited for them to wake up but he was to hungry to wait, he goes through your stuff looking for something to eat. He didn't know he had waken you up while he was going through your stuff…

no one liners
don't kill him
be mean at first or if you like you can stay mean

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((Im feeling in the mood for a star wars rp, Ive been wanting to make one for awhile so here it is))

the war ended years ago there were no droids, no clones, no sith or Jedi, at least That's what the galaxy believed. People were still being born that where force sensitive but with no one to guide them there hidden talent when unknown and unrealized. One day a young (boy/girl) heard stories of powerful beings called Jedi and their enemies the sith, after hearing this you were using a stick to pretend you were a Jedi just for fun, you mimic using the force and focused but you knew nothing would happen but you tried anyway the small objects moved not much but just a little. At first you thought it was just your eyes messing with you so you tried again moving the object again. From then on you studied and learned how Jedi worked in secret since people thought you were crazy when you talked about Jedi being real, but one boy named Samuel believed you later sam tells you he too had the force but lacked knowledge to understand it, together you both studied Jedi ways but Samuel had grown interested in the sith wanting to learn about the enemy. You both promised each other that they wouldn't turn to the dark side and become Jedi masters together and bring back the Jedi order. Over years the two trained their force abilities together with the little information the two of them could gather until one day around the time the two were both confronted by an older woman who asked them why they were interested in Jedi once they told her there motives she said she was a jedi a few still remained but not many, she took the two of us and gave us real training even helped them get lightsaber yours being (your choice and Samuel getting a green one. After many years they grow into fine jedi even started to training more. They set up a base on a planet that wasn't inhabited everything was going as the two dreamed. Until something happened that changed. Samuel, your friend since youth had fallen in love, you tried to warned him that it wasn't something a jedi was supposed to do there was an argument and Samuel’s love got scared from the yelling and things being thrown she takes a ship and ran away since she wasn't a jedi she was scared she'd be attacked by the jedi, when Samuel found out she left he went after her even when you begged him not to go but he didn't listen and left. Sadly you didn't see him for a long time and you assumed he quit being a jedi. So you moved forward with doing everything you promised to do together with Samuel alone and became the head of the jedi, years passed and your friend had become a memory until you get reports Of jedI going missing, you decided to try to find out what was happening by going to the planets that that the jedi went missing.

-nothing sexual
-no one line replies
-must have a basic understanding of star wars
-have fun
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* (y/n) lived in the woods alone and would go out hunting for deer, (yn) hung up there heads and antlers as trophies and used there skin as rugs or clothing that (yn) sold, of course you sold there meat as well but keep some for themselves, this was just your way of making aliving*

your out hunting like normal and you find what looked like a white deer, you couldn't pass that up white being a rare color, you didn't see his head area because he's in a bush basically you think it a normal deer, you aimed you cross bow and fired as his leg so you could prevent him from running, your startled to see that instead of a normal deer head there was a human like form, like a human hybrid

if fear the beautiful creature ran away or the poor thing tried to, he fell over and crawls and kicked out his leg clearly broken from being shot with an arrow

- no one line replies
- don't kill him on to hurt but its up to you how you react
- my character has no name so fill free to name them but please nothing weird
- nothing sexual

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technology has advanced to where a whole new way of gaming had been created, the gaming world closely resembles the real one of course with the exception of the actual game play. There where many virtual reality games but the one (y/n)
Played was a fantasy game called legends (y/n) was a top player at a pretty high level, (y/n) used to always win this contest or tournament that was a big deal but one day a fighter appeared almost out of no where and (y/n) was beaten in front of just about every gamer in the world. The fighter had a rare armor called angels blessing having pure white wings on the armor giving the fighter flight but you've fought people with the ability to fly and won but this guy had skills that made you speechless at your loss, soon everyone started to faver this new guy and you became just another good player, the players name was StormStar you became hateful of this player and tried to find him in real life which proved impossible you wanted to see the loser that beat you. You think he could be some stupid little kid or old guy who's fat and ugly. You wanted to punch him in real life not in the game. You get the idea to be friends with storm to get close and get his address or get to meet him irl, you hear where he grids for exp by some girl who openly told you she spyed on him a few times. Of course you check the spot out it was a place that not many gamers got to. the area had strong monsters that brop little money but alot of exp but since it wasn't worth the struggle for so little money no one except storm hunted there you find him as he slashed through a mod that looked like a harpy

((Any gender allowed))
((Nothing sexual))
(I do not except one line replies)
(You can do as you like with your character )
(You have to not be real friends until you meet him irl, or you can be mean it's up to you)
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midnight and forest wanted to settled down with there care taker zaccheo who's a father to them, the soul apocalypse was over and there are no more battles to fight, Zaccheo had a large strip of white in his hair from all the times he went soulless. The transformation drains his life but being a vampire it just makes him age alittle, now being close to 40. They decided to settle in a cozy cabin in the woods a mile from the closes town, the area was beautiful so they'd go on walks if they needed something from the town the three of them would just walk

(You have two options)

1) your a hunter a fairy hunter and you plan on capturing the whole family thinking zaccheo is one, ((he is but a small %)) you can be as evil or as kind as you want but you have to keep it interesting.

2) you've seen them in town a few times and you felt something was off, one of the kids always had his hood up and a scarf over his mouth when ever you got close he'd hid his face, you think he could be getting abused by zaccheo not knowing he's just hiding his scales and eye.

((I'll tag you on there profile if you want to do this rp))

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(y/c) is a (etc whatever you want just something that moves around) (yc) happened to be in the woods when a powerful gust of wind rushed over you for a short burst. Being a thrill searcher (y/c) heads to the source but by then the fighting had stopped but there were two people laying on their sides in a pool of blood and unconscious, one male looked thin and pale having dark red hair, he wear black leather jeans and a sleeveless leather jacket, his wounds looked horrible cut up all over and stabbed in his stomach. The other was also a male having black hair and more muscular than the other but was shorter then the redhead, his wounds just as bad cut up stabbed in his side. Both you could see from a little faint rising of there chest where alive

I will be using kuno and zaccheo others may show up check my collection for them ill tag on them when someone want to do this rp
- must care just enough to treat their wounds
Can't kill them
- You can capture them are wait and see what happens when they wake up


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The 4 Elite
the four of them are always together and always fight together. There the strongest under the king and queen the last of the original purebloods if the white horns. There used to be other horns but now just about every vampire is related to the white horns
there normally sent out to deal with strong enemies that there parents wish to have killed and at the right price can be hired to kill
you happened to be very powerful and in need of fighters that where worthy to fight and servants are your side. Ever one you've tried to hire was to weak and died from the work if they where hired. Finding that this group called the 4 elite are strong you had to test that by hiring them yourself

- no one liners I will say something
- nothing sexual crushing is ok
- you really character has to be crazy strong so use your best oc nothing is banned
- if you read everything type "4E"
((Well start in the throne room of the king and queen, I'd like if your character would doubt there strength))
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((My characters pov))

(????) Has been traveling for a few days, he's alittle brused and beaten, some cuts as well, the worst being a Stab wound In his left leg making him limp heavily, wrapped and cleaned it as much as possible, he was able to get to stich it up always having stuff like that in his bag but he could only clean it with water. At the point he's praying it's not infected. It getting darker and even needed to find somewhere for the night. As if the Lord had heard him he spotted a cave, he makes his was inside and settled himself not even seeing what was inside

((Your pov ))

y/n) is also a traveler much better off, you'd been in that cave way before this scruffy figure, you didn't take to kindly to other travelers just thinking they can just wonder into your camp, to be honest you hadn't started a fire yet but still.

be alittle rude and untrusting to him
no romantic stuff
- time is modern where in heavy forest areas and can run into towns and city's
- anything but romance can happen
- you can be any creature, hybrid or whatever, your own character, characters from animes, just what ever just be untrusting and slow to help

((Now I didn't put a name for my character for a reason you have choices if you'd like to rp type "KZDB" and I'll give you a link to my collection in a pp of the rp))

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Zaccheo was a normal human with normal hardships, such as loss and bad luck, he had a job and was starting to see a girl he liked, but things turned bad when the girl he liked had a X - boyfriend that's unhappy about her seeing other people, this x happened to be someone that practice the dark arts which is why she left him

when he hears about her date with zaccheo he gets angry and enraged, while zaccheo is getting ready to meet up with her, he broke in at first he wanted to kill him, they both wrestled and fight, zaccheo tried to run as he gets out of the home the other male cursed him turning zaccheo into a horse, zaccheo runs feeling weird unaware what's happened

Weeks later))

(y/n) owned a few horses and recently your riding horse died so you're heading to a friend of your that's a breeder, but on your way there you see a beautiful black stallion walking along the side of the road, you couldn't pass this up, you pulled over and catch him putting him in the bed you where going to use to bring a different horse home but this one looked amazing
the next morning you'd see what this horse could do

Any Gender
Know a thing or two about horses
There's no way to reverse the spell so don't try to turn him back
You can be mean or very nice
And you can not put one word or line replies I will call them out

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