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Pretty sure it will lay eggs in your throat.

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Hi fellow AGTubers!!! On YouTube, there are a group of AG collab channels called TAG or The American Girls. We need auditions for the channels on there! So please audition!!!!

TheGlitteringAGs Auditions:
ShiningAGsSeven Auditions:
SevenAGs Auditions:

Hey guys,
Anyone looking to join a collab channel?!
Weve got the one for you!
7AwesomeAgs is looking for new days, check our youtube channel for the rules!
Good luck!

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Working on a new series!! I am so happy! I am writing the script and I thought of the title today!! :) So Excited!! Oh guys! Please check out my new Christmas Event. It's where you go to AgTubers who are like just starting out, maybe subscribe, give advise and stuff like that! Please go and check it out! It's the gift that never stops giving! I'll share the event to this page.

Any good ideas for a theme song for my new series?? 

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Hey Everyone! I created an event! Check it out! It's in about a month and a half, but I couldn't wait. Check it out!

I need grace sooooooooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!
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