Im taking requests again who wasnts their character drawn message me on hangouts 

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And one post altogether, I do requests so follow me, and check out some of my art below
I also do NSFW art over on tumblr so if you wanna see that or request nsfw search for "scardragon's art blog" over there
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Hello I have a sonic character named egg and I am tryin to make a desighn for him but I am bad at drawing and making sprites so any tips for sprites?

Hello, I'm new, and this profile pic is temporary till I can get a good one, can anyone make someone that is War torn with scars and has a Spartan undersuit from the vidoe game series Halo. Thanks to anyone who can make one for me! If you want to send it to me by email, my email is or juts post it on the group for me, thanks again for anyone who can make one 

HEY EVERYONE I'M TAKING DRAWING REQUESTS AGAIN......sorry for not being online I've been very busy lately but I'm back now and I won't turn my back on you guys and gals no more who wants to get drawn first.....first come first serve and I will always help out

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Anyone want their OC drawn by ME

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Name: Neka
Age: 13
Bio: She's a nice girl but she is asleep almost at any time and if u wake her up chances are she will attempt to slam u into the nearest wall 

Man this place is dead..
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