It would be a beautiful day in Konohagakure no Sato, a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of trees just as it provides wondrous refuge from the heat of the summer sun. Several birds circle through the sky, singing their songs of merriment and joy. Back down below, in a children's park, two squirrels chase one another round and round, their bushy tails flickering as they run, climb, and leap from tree to tree. The villagers go about their business as usual, the day seeming average in their eyes. But was it really going to be a peaceful day...?

A single, stratified cloud would move from the path of the sun's rays, bathing the Great Hokage Mountain in it's warm light. But something is off... Standing upon Yondaime's head is a lone figure, cloaked in a black, hooded robe. The Unknown shinobi's gaze rests upon Konohagakure no Sato through the mesh eyeholes of a featureless, obsidian mask, the mesh making it impossible to see his eyes. The breeze that is gentle throughout the village is more powerful at this altitude, buffeting his cloak. Upon his hands are black gloves, seeming to match the rest of his attire in the sense of plain black. But there remains the question on all the minds of those who notice him: who is he and what does he want?

Almost as if to prove he isn't a statue, he shifts in place, raising a single fist before his face. He stares at it for a while, almost as if pondering its existence. Then, in the span of an instant, he appears at the foot of the monument, slamming his fist downward as he makes contact with the ground. The sheer destructive force of this strike causes a large crater to form, him standing in the middle of it. He rises to his full height, standing at almost seven feet tall. Beneath his cloak, his muscular build would be quite visible in the close proximity, his muscles visibly shifting with each movement he makes.

"I am here for Minato Uzumaki! The Return of the Yellow Flash! I challenge you to a one-on-one battle!"

The unknown shinobi's voice rings throughout the entire village, sure to catch the ear of his target. It seems to carry a natural authoritative undertone to it as well, making it all the more compelling as the echoes of his declaration fade away..

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Posted a while back, but I've been inactive. People may have forgotten.

Name: Cain

Age: Undisclosed

Gender: Male

Village: Rogue

Appearance: Cain is rather tall with a built body, towering over most other people. He typically wears a loose black cloak over a Jōnin vest and pants and a shirt in likeness of Under Armour. The cloak has a hood, which is usually over Cain's head. He almost always wears an obsidian mask with no features whatsoever. It even has no eyeholes. His hair reaches his shoulders, the bangs concealing his eyes when he isn't wearing the mask. His white eyes show no emotion and seem purely empty, save for the desire of vengeance hidden deep within.

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: White

Height: 6'7

Weight: 264 Lbs.

Blood Type: AB+

Personality: It is rumored that Cain was once a "people person", making time to socialize and speak to villagers. He had many friends, but he also had a few close friends, and one even closer. He is now a man of few words and cares not for others.

Affiliation: Guardians

Rank: Ex-Jōnin; Warhead of the Guardians

Abilities: The full extent of Cain's abilities is unknown, but it is believed he has mastery over Jyūken and Byakugan. Some say he has even developed his own variation of Jyūken, as well as use of Sennin Mōdo. Cain is also believed to have a massive supply of chakra.

Weapons: Cain has a single wakizashi that is sealed in parchment wrapped around his wrist, not unlike Sasuke's own seal for Shuriken. It is usually concealed by the cloak. He also has gloves with metal spikes embedded in the knuckles. Said gloves are made of a fabric that is used for channeling chakra, allowing him to increase the destructive force of his strikes.

Chakra Nature: None

Chakra Transformations: None

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

Special Jutsu

Jyūken A form of hand-to-hand combat used by members of the Hyūga clan. It inflicts internal damage through attacking the body's Keirakukei, subsequently injuring organs which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. To do this, the user surgically injects a certain amount of their own chakra into the opponent's chakra pathway system, causing damage to surrounding organs due to their proximity to the chakra circulatory system. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal damage, hence the name "gentle" fist.

Ōken Cain's own version of Jyūken. This style focuses on not only the use of the hands, but the knees, elbows, and feet.

Hakke Kūshō This technique is similar in practice to Hakkeshō Kaiten, but has a specific target rather than a general area. To perform it, the user precisely pinpoints the enemy's vital points with the Byakugan and releases a high-speed palm thrust. A "vacuum shell" compressed using the Jyūken is formed to attack the opponent's vitals from a distance, blowing them off their feet with tremendous force before they even notice they were hit.

Hakkeshō Kaiten A secret taijutsu that is orally handed down only within the main house of the Hyūga, this technique utilizes the chakra control gained through Jyūken training to release a huge amount of chakra from all the tenketsu on the user's body. It is also a defensive maneuver to compensate for the Byakugan's blind spot as the released chakra blocks any possible attack on the user. After releasing chakra from every tenketsu in their body, the user then spins rapidly to parry the attack, both creating a rotating shield of chakra around themselves and tossing away any nearby attackers. The user can also actively control the size and power of the sphere to suit the situation. This technique is only effective when rotating, since the chakra itself is not enough to stop a physical attack thus if they cannot spin, the user becomes vulnerable.

Hake Hasangeki A more powerful variation of Hakke Kūshō. The user hits the target at close range with a powerful wave of chakra emitted from their palm, which sends them flying back, causing severe damage.

Hakke Kūhekishō This technique is a variation of the Hakke Kūshō where either two Jyūken users, or a single person using both hands, send a powerful wave of chakra from either palm simultaneously with great force towards an opponent.

Jūkenpō Ichigekishin A technique born from their innate ability to expel chakra from every tenketsu on their body, a member of the Hyūga clan can hit their opponent with a blast of chakra that will send them flying away from the user. It was also shown that this technique can be used with pin-point accuracy to target the weak point of a technique, exemplified when Neji Hyūga was trapped by Kisame Hoshigaki's Suirō no Jutsu, and was able to dispel it.

Jūho Sōshiken The user forms two large lion-shaped shrouds of chakra around their hands, then attacks the opponent with them. Though its full power was not shown in the manga, in the anime, it was shown that this technique has enough power to destroy Pain's chakra rods, as well as momentarily stunning the target after the attack lands.

Shōtei This attack consists of a quick, precise thrust of the user's palm to an opponent's body. Like other Jyūken techniques, it sends chakra into the target to cause internal damage which will temporarily paralyze an opponent.

Shugohakke Rokujūyon Shō Created by Hinata, this is a highly versatile technique which affords both offensive and defensive capabilities whereby the user emits a constant stream of chakra from his/her palms, which are formed into extremely thin, sharp blades. While using this technique offensively, the user shapes the chakra into thin, sharp, flexible blades allowing him/her to hit hundreds of targets with extreme precision and can cut smaller targets, like bees, into pieces. When used defensively, the user creates much larger, stronger, more flexible, arc-shaped chakra blades that spread out across his/her entire attack range, effectively forming a barricade between him/herself and his/her opponents, rebuffing even the largest and smallest of targets. With the addition of the user's flexibility, the technique creates an "absolute defense" effect similar to that of the Hakkeshō Kaiten, though the cutting nature of the chakra prevents any outside force from restricting it.

Mizu Hari Using the chakra control granted by the Jyūken, the user concentrates his/her chakra until water vortexes are created around him/her. Those vortexes shoot water blasts which turn to needle-like water. By using Byakugan, this technique can be used with great precision to hit very small targets such as bees.

Likes: There aren't many things Cain likes. Currently, one would guess he enjoys fighting and violence. However, Cain liked many things before "The Incident". He was what is referred to as a social butterfly.

Dislikes: In his past, Cain had virtually no dislikes, save for rudeness and villainous acts. Currently, he is believed to not like anything.

Clan: Hyūga

Bio: When Cain was younger, he lived in Konoha with his family and spent much time with his friends, even more so with his close friends. He quickly excelled through the Shinobi Academy. He was considered a true protégé. Upon graduating from the academy, he almost immediately became a Chūnin. He succeeded in every assigned mission, carrying the weight of his entire team. Due to this excelling skill, he was promoted to Jōnin soon after. He led several teams and even took charge of Genin whom recently graduated from the Academy. He grew close to three particular individuals whom were Genin on his team. The two Genin that were on his team when he was a Genin had moved on to the rank of Chūnin and formed their own teams. The girl, Kishi, went on a mission with her team one day. Several days later, she returned with several injuries and a report of being ambushed. This enraged Cain. He secretly harbored strong feelings for Kishi, but feared she felt differently. Cain immediately left the village to track down and slaughter the shinobi who ambushed Kishi. It was a bloodbath. Upon returning to the village, he was coated in the blood of his enemies. There seemed to be a change about him. He appeared to be less inclined to interact with others. He eventually confessed his love for Kishi, hoping that she would feel the same way. Much to his excitement, she shared the same feelings. At that point, they were virtually inseparable. Shortly after, they became married with two kids, Shinji and Mifune. By the time Shinji was four, Mifune was just one year old. On one night, Cain heard the sounds of battle coming from within the Hyūga Manor. Perplexed, he exits his housing and searches the compound. Upon turning one corner, he sees several dead bodies lying upon the ground, blood spattered over the alleyway. In the next instant, the sounds of explosions come from the direction of his house. Horrified, he turns and rushes back to his home. The building was collapsed, debris strewn about. Desperately searching for his wife and children, he tears through the debris. Eventually, he catches sight of what appeared to be his wife's hand, the rest of her body trapped under the debris. He threw the debris aside, only to discover his wife's maimed corpse. Tears stung his eyes as he cradled her dead body in his arms, weeping for her. After some time, the village's police force recovered him and forced him to leave the scene. Distraught, he fled the village and disappeared, never to be seen again. Until the surfacing of the organization known as the Guardians...
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+Entei Tsukahara Your profile of Minato Uzumaki/Hyūga is hereby unapproved.

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Kakazu prepares for battle as knowingly he will most likely have to fight the kages (Open only to Guardian Members)
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Invading Kumogakure: Capture the 8 Tails!

The hooded Edo Tensei being, Kyoto Uzumaki walked through out the streets of Kumo. He was on a mission to capture the 8 Tails Jinchuriki. His own nephew, Vegesuke Uzumaki. He thought why this had to happen to him, why couldn't he rest in peace. He despised the person who brought him back and plans to create a Jutsu with his left eye Sharingan to break his owners control. He didn't want to hurt his family but he had no choice. After a deep thought he had reached his destination, the training grounds where his Nephew was located

"Kakazu, we're here."

+Sakumo Uchiha +Philosophical Bardock
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Zuko stands in the middle of the village in thought o what he should do besides his life of gathering info for the hokage, wondering if there could be anything else to his life other than that seeing as most people either hated him or distrusted him based on who he looks like (Open RP)

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Update (New Appearance)
Name: kakazu Uchiha
Age: 35
Gender: Male
DOB: November 20th 
Rank: S-rank 
Weapons: Samehada Sharkskin, kunai, senbon, shuriken
Natures: Fire and water
Birth Village: Hidden Leaf
Current Village: Hidden Mist
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 6 foot 3
likes: Unknown
dislikes: Senju clan
Blood type: AB
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Stasis: Single
Stasis: Alive
Specialties: Stealth
Weaknesses: sight (no longer)
Strengths: fast thinking, mastery of sharingan
Family: Akito Uchiha (brother deceased) ((Pic of Izuna in madaras clothes is how Akito looked)
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan
Bio: Over the years, some Uchiha, such as Setsuna Uchiha, came to realise their ostracism and believed that they were being purposely kept out of Konoha's governing affairs. Though Setsuna, me, and his followers tried to rebel against the village as Madara did, we found that it was too late to make a difference, as the Senju had already completely suppressed the Uchiha, and so I left the village shortly after i was attacked and lost my right eye and I have been in the hidden mist village since then.....also early in my childhood my brother akito uchiha was killed in battle
Jutsu: fire style fireball
fire style dragon flame
 fire style phoenix flower
 fire style great fire annihilation
fire style great fireball
fire style dragon flame bombs
fire style great dragon flame
fire style dragon flame bullet
fire style ultra fire bullet
shadow clone
 water clone
 water style water dragon
 water style water prison
 water style water shark bomb
 water style water fang bullet
 water style water wall
genjutsu: sharingan
 ninja art hidden mist
 susanoo crush
 susanoo captive slash
 inferno style flame control swords
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Name: Zuko 
Age: 22
Rank: S-rank Missing Nin (mercenary spy) 
Gender: Male 
Status: Alive
Items: Katana, Senbon, Kunai, Shuriken
Clan: Unknown
Kekkei Genkai: Unknown
Chakra Natures: Water, Wind, Lightning
Water style Water dragon
Water style water prison
Water style Water clone
Water style Water shark bomb
Water style Waterwall
Water style Water dragon bullet
Water style explosive might of the water dragon
Wind style Air Bullets
Wind style Vacuum Sphere
Wind style Bullet Blades
Wind style tornado wall
Wind style vacuum Bullets
Wind style Tornado Drop
Wind style rolling fan windwall
Lightning blade 
Lightning blade twin lightning shiver 
chidori senbon
Chidori 1000 birds
Chidori katana
Chidori Barrage
Lighting clone
Shadow clone
Feather illusion
Summoning hounds
Summoning snakes
Chakra Dissection Blade
 Palm healing 
Dead soul 
BIo: Zuko is a descendant of Kabuto.....his plans are strickly unknown but goes mainly undercover among the leaf anbu gathering information, however now he is a double spy gathering info on the guardians for the hidden leaf village, while giving flase info on the village to the gurdians
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I never intended to fight... But if that's what you want then I'll give you a fight..
[]Name:[] Izanagi Uchiha
[]Age:[] 17
[]Gender:[] Male
[]Clan:[] Uchiha
[]Kekkei Genkai:[] Sharingan, EMS
[]Rank:[] Rouge
[]Status:[] Alive
[]Affiliations:[] None
[]Chakra Natures:[] Lightning, Water, Fire
[]Village:[] Formerly Konoha
[]Sexual Orientation:[] Straight
[]Relationship Status:[] Single
[]Personal Techniques:[]
•Water Style: Water prison shark dance
•Water style: Water prison 
•Water Style: Exploding water colliding wave
•Water style: Great exploding water colliding wave
•Water Style: Great Water Bullet
•Water style: Hidden in the mist
•Water Style: Water clone 
•Water style: Great waterfall
•Water Style: Water dragon bullet technique
•Lightning style: Chidori
•Lightning style: Chidori 1000 birds
•Lightning style: Chidori needles
•Lightning style: Chidori long spear 
•Lightning style: Chidori Dragon
•Lightning style: Flying thunder god
•Lightning style: Depth charge
•Lightning style: Lightning fang
•Lightning style: Thunders gate
•Lightning blades technique: Thunderbolt
•Fire style: Flame tornado
•Fire style: Flame rocket
•Fire style: Fire fist
•Fire style: Fireball jutsu
•Fire style: Great fireball
•Fire style: Dragons Breath
•Fire style: Hells flame
•Fire style: Satans eye
•Fire style: Fire cannon
•Chakra scalpel
•Chakra draining seal
•Body replacement technique
•Scroll communication technique
•Paper Bombs
•Sealing/Summoning Scrolls
•Blood Increasing pill
•Military rations pill
•Demonic flute fantom sound chains
[]Likes:[] Peace, Sleep, Cookies
[]Dislikes:[] War, People, Ramen
[]Nindo:[] ???
[]Bio:[] TBA
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[]Kūdō 空洞:[] When he activates this using the MS or EMS, once he looks into his opponents eyes he can look into their fears and basically he sends them through a rabbit hole in their mind, the target would go through their mind, there is 5 doors and only one door that leads them out, the rest lead them to devastating illusions 
[]Migime 右目: Akatsuki 暁[] This technique needs the MS or EMS, it's known as right eye, basically the user uses his or her right eye sharingan to activate a special technique, his technique can be known as akatsuki or daybreak, basically this allows the user to have infinite chakra for 10 minutes the user has to wait five posts to use it again also during 3 of the 5 posts the user is weakened greatly and in 2 of the 5 posts they have a sharp pain in their eyes
[]Hidarime 左目: Umarekawaru 生まれ変わる:[] This technique needs the MS or the EMS it can be known as the left eye, basically like right eye the user uses his or her left eye sharingan to activate a special technique, his technique is called Umarekawaru or Reborn, basically when he looks his opponent in the eye he can figure out every detail on them and create exact clones of them, but the clones aren't normal, they have the same weapons, jutsu, kekkei genkais, and traits of the opponents, and they copy the opponents every move and are like solid humans, after using it you loose a great amount of chakra and energy
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