Hey guys i have just started a new clan just me as a member and i am looking for people to join. Comment your username. PS3 ONLY. No need for a mic, just download facebook messanger

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Check out our clan promo here...
We are also recruiting if your intrested comment down below!!!

Listen up people I made a new clan it is called Team Brutal Killerz (Only PS3 Gamers) It is written like this BKz and also it is only for good online people and quickscopes and trickshotters.
add my PSN:

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new clan starting out in need of new members

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gameplay/edits video....enjoy :)

Join my clan Epic
We do search and Destroy
And all objective type game types
Email me at epicwitherend@gmail.com

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Looking to start a clean KD must be higher then 1.40 wr 1.00 and spm 300 + if u think ur better then what your KD is try out but message me with your gt! We will get started at 6 pm

hey i have gold mtar too lol

looking to join a clan

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