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The Online Corpus of Academic Lectures, OnCAL
Corpus of lecture transcripts from MIT and Stanford. Nice filtering options in interface.

h/t Pérez-Paredes‏ @perezparedes

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Mesure du discours: Observatoire de la campagne présidentielle 2017
Very neat visualisations of discourse by candidates in French 2017 Elections by University of Nice.

h/t +Shona Whyte

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Celebrating John Sinclair
The brother of Sue Atkins has a Facebook page, a tribute to his memory. 10 years since passing away.
h/t Corpora List

TESOL2017 & IATEFL2017 corpus related talks & posters
Two of the biggest ELT knees-up happen in close proximity, TESOL2017 end of March and IATEFL2017 beginning of April. Check the corpus related talks and posters.

#TESOL2017 – Corpus related talks and posters

#IATEFL 2017 – Corpus related talks and posters

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Multidimensional Analysis Tagger for OSX
Nice, though no GUI for this as yet

h/t 水本 篤 @MizumotoAtsushi

see also
Multidimensional Analysis Tagger for PC

Corpus-powered learning
This is a remarkable video in many ways. : ) Serbian teacher Zoran Ristović seems to be using parallel corpora with school kids in a very interesting way. If anyone has any information in English on what exactly happens please do share.

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SkELL examples improvement
+James Thomas reports an improvement in how SkELL picks example sentences - spelling mistakes and rare words.

h/t CorpusCALL FB group

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Monolingual reference electronic corpora in the translator’s toolbox: the Google Books “Corpus” and BYU corpora
Nice post by Rudy Loock from 2016, remiss of me to forget to post it here

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GrammarLab - Song Lyrics Data Tables
Another interesting dataset from GrammarLab, can explore this in R or a spreadsheet.


How to show the frequency of the content words without showing the function words in Wordsmith?

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