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Game of Thrones: Melanie Liburd é confirmada no papel da Sacerdotisa Vermelha
Se você já tinha dificuldades para lembrar os nomes de todos os personagens de  Game of Thrones , a situação só tende a piorar. Com cada vez mais novidades no elenco, a nova adição é a atriz Melanie Liburd, que foi confirmada no papel de uma nova Saderdotis... there a king here? Or should I assume that it's Joffrey or Tommen or sombody?

Name: Naerys Targaryen
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Type: one of the last Targaryens, mixed with the Martells
Eyes: Indigo
Hair: Braided platinum silver, but she usually dyes it to mask her heritage
Skin: Sun-bronzed but originally pale
Height: 168cm
Strengths: Healing(was taught by Aemon), Archery and swordplay, Tactical abilities, riding
Weakness: Closed spaces and heights
Weapon of choice: Bows and arrows, and a thin sword
Past history: have wandered in the free cities since forever, employed currently as a sell-sword. she never knew her parentage, and she assumes that she is descended from Rhaegar. She lived in Braavos for a while, meeting some interesting friends including Syrio forell, and was employed to many lords as a sell-sword, hiding her identity. She is currently employed to the lords of house Stark,but she is still waiting for the day when she might be reunited with the dragons(and perchance claim the iron throne... lol jk) 

Hello? Anyone awake??

Name: Skirion
Age: 16
House: Tyrell
companion: gray wolf(fang)
weapons: Long sword of the honor guard, steel plated shield, the sevenths sons short katana.
skin: ghostly pale
Eyes: blue
hair: dirty blonds, very short.
Bio: Grew of with the wolves of highgarden, but then the tyrell family found me and adopting me, training me in the art of combat.
marriage: none yet

Welcome to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. As they say, when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Choose wisely, think justly, and keep a hand on what you hold most.


1) THIS IS NOT CANON. Since we aren't a liscensed site, we cannot use canon characters. You may use houses and locations, but characters and events (eg: Tyrion, the Mad King, and the battle of Blackwater) do not exist. They have never existed.

(To be edited at a later time. I will add more to this.)

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Family: House Rorik
Sigil: A plumed helm, slate on moss green
Words: "Strength to Strength"
Allegiance: House Baratheon/Dragonstone
Holdfast: Stalwart Keep, on Cape Wrath
Lord: Gaston Rorik (Drowned on the Blackwater)
Lady: Lorana Rorik (Died of a pox)
- Ser Cain, 33, a Knight in service to King Stannis Baratheon, former squire to Davos Seaworth the Onion Knight, anointed after the Greyjoy Rebellion (pictured)
- Bannerman Rorik, 25, a Man of the Nights Watch
- Aleksander Rorik, 17, acting Lord of the Stalwart Keep
- Lady Nissani Rorik, a girl of 10
Other notable household members:
- Farragar Rorik, 60, brother of Gaston Rorik, a merchant
- Ser Joran Rorik, 37, cousin to Ser Cain
- Maester Carrigan
- Septon Bradman
- Jakk Lonsford, 34, called "Cheerful Jakk", Captain of the Household Guard
- Ser Manster Lock, 40, Master-at-Arms
- Huck, 58, blacksmith
- Sebastian Storm, 16, a bastard, Squire to Ser Cain
- The Blind Minstrel, true name Lanston, a Bard
- Ser Fenris Longshadow, a sellsword turned Hedge Knight
- Gerrion Freeman, a liberated slave, an accomplished Scout

Character Bio
Name: Ser Cain Rorik
Age: 33
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185lbs
Effects: Steel and dragonbone longsword, iron kite shield emblazoned with Rorik Sigil
Usual attire: Boiled and studded leathers, sable cloak/Light plate over chainmail

|| I have an OC and a short family bio. Do I just post in group or is there a specific process? Also, a run down on the setting and timeline etc would be fantastic :)

~ Closed With +Sakura Ran [Keaton Targaryen] ~


"How are you?" Keaton lightly ruffles Raven's hair.

Raven pulls away, but she's grinning. "How many times must I tell you not to do that? You know I hate it when people treat me like a child. Oh, and to answer your question, I'm fine."

Keaton giggles. "Yes, but you're a child. You're 11."

Raven pouts slightly. "But I don't wanna be eleven! I wanna grow up!"

Keaton smiles slightly. "Yes, but you know no meaness about this, that bastards grow quickly. I hate being thirteen; my breasts are too large."

They fall into a comfortable silence, which Keaton then breaks. "You shouldn't join the Night's Watch." She tells Raven, sounding concerned.

"But why not? I want to!" Raven exclaims.

"I hate that you're going to be in harm's way." Keaton says, ruffling Raven's hair again. She's smiling.

"Hey!" Raven pouts again. "Honestly, how many times must I tell you not to do that?" She crosses her arms over her chest, and huffs in indignation, but then her face softens. "I know, I know, sis. But... I feel so out-of-place here. I know that I don't belong here. You know Dad acts like I don't exist, Mom hates me, and I don't even know who my birth mother is! You're the only one who ever truly cared about me. And... I wanna go out and see the world, sis. You wouldn't understand. I need to do this. Perhaps I'd find my true home there. But don't worry, you'll always be my true sister." She says, holding out her hand. "So, pinky promise?"

Keaton nods and hooks her pinky through Raven's. "You know that you can't mother children if you do."

"Psh, who'd want to wed a bastard, anyway?" Raven says, shaking her head. "And I'd like to preserve my virtue, thank you very much. I'd have a reason for doing so, at least."

"You might find someone." Keaton says.

"I highly doubt so, unless he only wants one night with me. I'm not going to be one of them. But until I do find someone who's willing to be with me regardless of my faults, I stand by my decision to join the Night's Watch when I'm of age." Raven says, determination sparking in her eyes.

"Yeah, but you probably will." Keaton insists.

"Nothing is ever set in stone until it comes to pass, no? We will see." Raven smiles.

"Yeah." Keaton giggles and smiles.

"But for now, let us pass our time enjoyably. What would you like to do?" Raven asks.

"Riding?" Keaton suggests.

"Sure, I'd love to!" Raven beams. "I haven't ridden in such a long time!"

"Yes, well. I needed to calm down about being the heir of the house." Keaton giggles.

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Name: Rhianwyn Avalenys "Raven" Storm
Age: 11 [Only Just]
Gender: Female
Type: Bastard Of House Targaryen.
Hair: Shoulder-Length Wavy Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Piercing Lavender Violet, Almost Hypnotising
Skin: Creamy White, Extremely Pale [Even With Prolonged Exposure To The Sun, She Isn't Tan]
Height: 5 Feet Tall [152cm]
Strengths: Ability To Know What Others Are Feeling Or Thinking [From Their Body Language, Their Facial Expressions, And Their Unconscious Gestures, Combat [Archery, Hand-To-Hand, Swordplay], Concealing Her Feelings [She Has An Excellent Poker Face; Nobody Ever Knows What She's Feeling Or Thinking], Heat Resistance [Like A "True Dragon", Despite Being A Bastard Child], Strength [Mental & Emotional, Though Her Physical Strength Is Above-Average For A Female]
Weaknesses: Autophobia [Though She Does Enjoy Being Alone Sometimes, She Ultimately Fears Abandonment; Understandably, For She Is Truly Cared For, Being A Bastard Child], Naïvety [Despite Her Experience Of Terrible Treatment At Others' Hands, She Is Still Young, And Thus Rather Naïve Of The World], Recklessness [She Often Does And Says Things Without Thinking Twice, Quite Unbefitting A Lady; This Has Landed Her In Trouble On Several Occasions Before], Stubbornness [Nothing Can Hold Her Back When Her Mind Is Set; She Will Do Whatever It Takes To Accomplish It; Could Be Both Positive And Negative]
Likes: Archery, Reading, Serenity
Dislikes: Abandonment, Killing, Prejudice, Treachery, Unnecessary Acts Of Violence & Bloodshed, War
Personality: Adventurous, Determined, Empathetic, Has A Rebellious Streak, Intelligent, Loyal, Naïve, Sarcastic. She Will Always Speak Her Mind And Stand Up For Her Beliefs, No Matter What It Takes Or What It Costs. She Can Be Ruthless At Times [Do What It Takes, Remember?], But Is Sympathetic More Often Than Not.
Past Life: Born To The Lord Of The House And An Unknown Woman As A Bastard Child. Lives In Dragonstone With Her Older Sister Keaton, The Heir Of House Targaryen. Despite Having Different Mothers, They Are Extremely Close, And Are Like True Sisters. Her Father Doesn't Care Much About Her, And Her Birth Mother Doesn't Seem To Acknowledge Her Existence; She Still Doesn't Know Who She Is. But It's Fine, 'Cause She's Got Keaton, Who Looks Out For Her. Trains On Her Own, Using Weapons She Sneaks From The House.
Pets: Firebolt, Stallion [Colouring: Perlino]
Weapon: Silver Bow & Arrows, Steel Bastard Sword, Triple Daggers. She's Best With The Bow & Arrows, Though Proficient With The Other Weapons As Well. She Can Fight Using Practically Anything [Including Her Bare Hands] — Except Spear-Like Objects.
Other Information: Aspires To Join The Night's Watch
Raven Storm [Game Of Thrones]
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