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6 Things to Consider When Working Through Your Google Exams

Hey Crew,

I wanted to thank you all for a great three days of fun training. I really enjoyed our time together, and, as is often the case when working with educators, I learned a lot too.

A few things to keep in mind as you study for and take your exams ...

1. Don't forget to review the materials for Level 1 and Level 2 provided by Google. Skip the chapters, take the review quizzes. If you do well, move on. If you didn't take a closer look at those chapters.

2. If your schedule permits, take Level 1 exam before reviewing for Level 2.

3. Searching the internet or testing out the tools to find the answer of a question is NOT cheating. Use your searching skills to find the right answers. That (along with pressing the buttons) is the true secret to getting "good" at technology.

4. While you're taking the exam, think of the questions as interesting challenges that make you curious. Remember, you have a dude in Oregon sending you all the good vibes he has to give you all the confidence you deserve!

5. After you take the exam, let me know how you did! I can't wait to hear.

6. If you're doing Move-it still, you have to do a 20-second wall-sit right now. :)

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Love these kidos!

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Best dog ever!

I made it!!

What a fantastic week! Will miss seeing "our crew"!

Welcome friends!

I will miss y'all! This has been great fun!
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