((Let's get this going! Time to mess with Chrissy~!))

Through all of Hell, Dimma dragged Christian. He could probably walk if he wanted to, but why give him that dignity? Besides, Dimma was having too much fun humiliating him. So, she dragged him along until she came to the castle. Dimma looked up at the castle silently before continuing to drag Christian. Finally, she came to a large, dimly-lit throne room. Dimma threw Christian to the ground, then bowed.

"My Queen..."

She waited for permission from the shadowy figure sitting in the throne to speak.

((+Christian Adams and +Qarañğılıq Beynesi/ +Lily Henroth Let's do dis!))

+Qarañğılıq Beynesi 
((Hey, here's Hell! Later on, Dimma will bring the queen Christian because she kidnapped him. Then, you can be Nesi's true form!))
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