Anyone home??

Hi I'm looking for friends I am a fallen Angel

Name:Dylan Soyer
Abilities: taking souls or creating scary hallucinations that can scare a person to death
Personality:goth and emo
Bio:almost got killed by psycho then saw his parents brutally murdered and starts seeking revenge by either burning his enemy or brutally stabbing him in the heart and head then he turned away from what his guardian angel told him to do and got his revenge
Nickname:Revenge Seeker
Killing method: unknown
Dislikes:people who hurt his family
I am a fallen angel

// +Lightning player007//

Morgan sighs as she miserably walks around the ground. Her chains across her wrists and ankles as she walks carefully across the grass. She soon stops as she reaches a lone log and sits on it, endless black tears sprouting from her eyes

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Name: Morgan Fullbuster

Age: 19

Weapons: Her magic (Telekinesis, Mind Reading, Blasts) 

Abilities: Fly, Use Magic

Pets: Non

Personality: Dark, Dangerous, Depressed, Mysterious 

Gender: Female

Killing Method: Random

Likes: Killing, Screaming, Crying, Flying

Dislikes: Heaven, Laughter, Happiness

Human/Demon/Fallen Angel: Fallen Angel

Bio: She was born as an emo which soon turned to bullying, through pure depression, she killed herself by hanging. Morgan then lived her days in heaven with a secret friendship with the devil which soon turned to punishment by living on earth

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Name: Shadow
Age: Looks 17 but is 390
Gender: Male
Personality: Silent,kind (if your not his target), playful, protective
Type: Dragon shifter/Death's pet
Likes: Killing, night,meat,his world, and his dragon form. 
Dislikes: Being killed, loud people, death's grip.
Powers: Moveing from the human world to his world, shifting into a dragon, and healing.
Bio. One of death's favoret pet to send out. He has no remores and is told to kill for death. serves under any one of Death's family
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NAME: Mathew Chimara
  age: 17
 Gender: Male
 Race: Human/ Wolf Demon
 Appearance: Brown/Black hair, Blue/Grey eyes, 5'6
  Personality: Kind (Rarely), Suborn, Quiet, Curious, Hates to be ignored, and is Short tempered
Pets: A Gold and Black wolf named Rin
 Weapon(s):  A Sword and a Different summons.
Abilities: He can summon some different demons. He also carries a sword that he is perfect at, And healing himself and others. Also has the abilities of a wolf, Like hearing, Smell, quickness, and Eyes
Likes: Mythical creatures, mythology , Reading, Writing, Abandoned places, And fighting.
 Dislikes: Water, Thunderstorm,  and most people.
  BIO: He acts like a normal human, Trying not to get too much attention so that people do not find out that he is a half demon. He likes to keep to himself quite a bit. But has the tendency to get into arguments and argue with anybody. He doesn't really care for much at all, But is quite curious at times. He has a short temper and a smart mouth that gets him into trouble fast also, Just to be warned.

((Msg me if you want to Rp anytime. I'm usually on.))
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Name: darling Reaper

Age :20

Weapon: scythe

Killing method: slices people in half or diceing them


Like : killing, other demon

Dislike: humans

Bio : why should i tell the only thing i will tell you is i am the daughter of the grime reaper

( for +Chela the Cheetah Blade Ania Alvia​ only)
Destroyer was in the woods looking at the bracelet blade gave him and a darkness rope in the other looking down as storm clouds start to form when you

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Name : sara

Gender: female

Age 14


Ability : to possess people and jumping high

Killing method: cuting and slicing

Bio : unknown
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