I work with Sun West School Division and have been part of an action-based research project centred on Blended Learning. In 2014-15, we have 26 educators from the Division who are implementing blended learning in their classroom this year as part of this research project.

But others have expressed interest in or are exploring ways to blend who are not part of the project as well. This is a space for learning, sharing, growing. Please tell us about your own experiences with blended learning :)

Welcome to the Blend in Mind Google+ Community!

In Sun West, teachers have access to a self-directed learning module in Moodle that walks participants through the basics of blended learning. the module includes opportunities for educators to collaborate. Different tools such as Twitter and this Google+ are optional online spaces for discussion and sharing of ideas. 
I encourage you to post your own thoughts, ideas, links, and learning in this space so that we can learn together.

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This is an interesting read (quick too) on K-12 classrooms and the three different "hypothesis" that schools are experimenting with to determine which model is best for them. Some good stuff here! 
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