Name:Vaasa killer


Gender: male

Weapons: anything he needs

Nationality: American

Cartel name: the linching cartel

Theme song: kill you - eminem

Appearance: has a Mohawk and a face tattoo he usually wears a muscle shirt and cargo pants as well as a holster that goes around his body allowing him to carry 4 guns

Bio: no one knows what his real name is but it is known he gave himself this name quickly after he went fucking insane. After he changed his name he bece the leader of a drug, slave trading, and pirate cartel. It is in known where he resides but one thing is for sure. He's dangerous, he practically owns a army and a navy. Most people who try to defeat him end up dead.

(Not in any of the listed gangs, so I put it here)

Name: Shifty Steve
Job: Hitman, Blackmailer, and All-Out-Heister
Weapons: HK647, silenced DEagle, Silenced Intervention
Items: Camera, Flash Grenades, Frag Grenades, Trip Mines
Armor: Hidden Comabat Armor underneath Suit & Tie
Bio: Oh! You wanna know about me? A little bit of money...
Gets five hundred dollars.
Alright, as a kid, Dad was a drunk jerk, Mom a retarted drunk. I'm surprised I'm not drunk. We didn't have a lot of money but we made do. I was some sort of slave. Anyways, now I've devoted myself to making money to make sure that doesn't happen. I gave them tickets to Africa. The boat was rigged. I'm looking for the people that got them. You ask about heists Huh? Oh. Bribe me.
Gets one thousand dollars
I'm planning to do an amazing heist, it has to do with, a rich jerk, his stupid security, and bribes. Anyways, if we do it two ways...each of us will get around......$35,000, you in?

((Open RP)) Steve is planting C4 in tunnels underneath the Police Station.

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name:Trevor Phillips
occupation: CEO of Trevor Phillips industries,meth dealer,arms dealer,pro torturer,pro bank robber
properties owned:Blaine county airstrip,vanilla unicorn gentleman's club,rv,meth kitchen
vehicle:bodhi truck,cargo bob,jet,FBI chopper
weapons:axe,shot gun,sniper,ak 47,death machine
bio: all you need to know is that you don't want to fuck with him..
He's you run of the mill canablistic Middle age phsyco in a mid life crisis! Low profile 
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gets in my car with +Fem!Edward Elric

sneaks in and delete my prison profile

in apartment with max gagged and tied extremely tight in nothing but under clothes and with hands in front of him, and im watching tv

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This is the york street gang. Their color is blue
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