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Edit: As of December 29, 2014.  I'm no longer actively updating the profile averages or the IPST data.  Life has taken first priority and my semi-manual system of profile collection is taking its toll.

Additionally, automated systems out there are slowly catching up to what I've done manually, such as the work of +Eu Ji at so consider going there for your stats fix.

-- End Edit

FAQ on joining the census and updating profiles:

- Use the in-app share button on the top right of the AGENT screen in Ingress, profiles failing to do so end up  truncated and are rejected
- Share to G+, publicly or privately with me only if you prefer, if shared privately, your privacy will be respected regardless of faction.
- Tag G+ post with #ShowMeYourScanner for the post to be picked up in my regular updates.
- Share as frequently or infrequently as you choose, I have automated methods of taking the latest profiles
- Be sure you are sharing your ALL profile.  Do not worry if you share your MONTH/WEEK/NOW profiles, I have automated ways to filtering those out.
- Do NOT share profile posts to this community, since we do not want to be flooded with them.

Tips to ensure the greatest success of your profile making it into the data:

- Share over WiFi, as certain mobile carriers will highly compress the image, making the text illegible
- Share with your phone instead of a tablet, again, my scripts are more attuned to the aspect ratio and font size of phone-shared profiles

Lets collect those stats again? :-)

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Introducing IPST Stats (Beta)

Live stats about portal reviews

By letting users submit their IPST db backup we are able to provide some up to date transparency about what's actually going on at the portal review HQ, shown below is one of the graphs currently at the page, but to provide better graphs we need YOU! Come join us in this cross faction collaboration created by blue, and green, +Thomas De Maerschalck​​, and me

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#IngressStatistics Update on Portal Submission Timeline

Average wait time has finally stabilized at around 7 months.  If submission and processing rates are stable and to be believed, the wait time will finally begin improving in several months.

IPST Export Data submitted by 60 agents
22345 Portal Submissions
7833 Accepted (35%)
6868 Pending (31%)
7644 Rejected (34%)

It seems the majority of portals are still processed in batch by submission date, the two pass system has collapsed into a one pass system.  After a brief peak at 8 months, wait times have appeared to stabilize at 7 months.

Interestingly, there was a huge spike in submission activity after the Seer Shut Down was announced and before the actual cutoff was implemented at the end of the year.

As expected, submission rates have significantly dropped, allowing the processing rate a chance to finally catch up.
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Call for updated IPST Export Data for new Ingress Portal Timeline

It's been 6 months since the last update, and much has happened in the Ingress Seer world since then.  To construct a rough snapshot of the state of the Ingress approval pipeline, simply submit your IPST CSV format export data to

Since the data is time sensitive, I'll take all data that comes with the next week or so, so if you're interested help spread the word and contribute!

For those who are new, consult the last call here:

IPST here:

Previously snapshots:
Jan 2015:
Sep 2014:

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Over 4000 consecutive glyph hack results collected over the past 2 months for those that are into this...

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A small followup survey, this time assessing black medal 'hardness' through the Ingress United AP Elite G+ community. Includes a scatterplot of perceived value vs perceived hardness from the two surveys.
Ingress Black Medal Hardness Values
This was a short and informal followup survey to the earlier ‘perceived value’ survey. This was designed to answer the question - how hard is that Black medal to achieve? The survey was a simple ‘rate the black medal’ on a scale of low hardness (1) to high hardness (5) - where hardness should be read as how hard it is to actually achieve the black medal. 

This survey was not available publicly, rather it was limited to members of the Ingress United AP Elite community - this was intentionally done to ensure that the answers provided were most reflective of those that were working towards, or have achieved a number of these black medals, including a number of the more challenging ones. Simply put they are in the best position to judge the relative hardness of the various medals. Due to a smaller community being sampled (currently around 280 agents), only 54 responses were received.

Note that Sojourner was released after this survey was undertaken so has not been included.

The Short Summary
In a simple listing of lowest to highest hardness, the medals were:
Recharger lowest
Mind Controller
Seer highest

Further Commentary
Recharger is a stand-out as the easiest black, and this was before the two recent game mechanics changes (boost recharge, and increased agent XM capacity) that make it even easier to achieve Black Recharger.

There was a significant jump to the next cluster of Translator, Trekker and Illuminator. Translator and Illuminator are certainly relatively easy to achieve - the first  Translators achieved Black only 2-3 weeks after its release. Illuminator, whilst requiring teamwork and planning, it can still be achieved relatively easily - in some cases just requiring one field if agents live near an MU dense city. Trekker surprised me a little that it was rated this low - 2,500km is still a fair amount of walking.

Next up was SpecOps, probably reflecting a mixture of easiness (the simplicity of some missions) but also the travel and time required to complete 500 missions. This is similar and reflecting of the time and travel required, but of course much less than Pioneer and Explorer.

The next cluster consisted of Guardian, Recruiter, Builder and Hacker. Guardian had a mixture of responses with two spikes (2-3 and 5). Recruiter was even more polarising with spikes at 1 and 5. 

Again, I was surprised at Black Hacker and Builder ending up with an average so similar to Guardian and Recruiter, but the histogram tells a different story. Guardian and Recruiter have had their average dragged up by a significant number of 5s. Hacker and Builder are where the clear visual trend of decreasing 3&4s, and increasing 5s starts and continues right through to Seer.

From here on up, there is a clear upward trend starting with Liberator and then Purifier.

Engineer is an interesting one. At first appearances Engineer appears to be quite hard, since it only started from December 2014. However, simple analysis of my hack, deploy and mod rates indicates that someone starting all three at zero today, should achieve Hacker, Builder and Engineer in fairly close proximity to each other. This suggests to me that Engineer has been estimated at being harder than it really is - solely because it started at 0 in December.

Mind Controller was next, and certainly came in well under Connector as it should. Likewise, Explorer was rated slightly easier than Pioneer, most likely due to the inventory requirements associated with achieving Pioneer.

Seer was identified as the hardest black medal to achieve, although it should be noted that two agents have achieved Black Seer recently, yet no agent has achieved Black Connector yet. I think the expectation is that more agents will achieve Black Connector, in the mid-to-long term, than will achieve Black Seer. Right now it is just taking longer for the first few agents to achieve Connector.

20150315 Ingress Black Medals Hardness
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Crowdsourcing data for new Glyph mechanics.
Time to get yo Glyph on!

Send us your data and we will publish shortly

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Sharing some amateur research undertaken at the weekend to compare the 'perceived value' of the various Black medals.
Ingress Black Medal Perceived Values
This was a short and informal survey to briefly attempt to reflect the ‘perceived value’ of a Black medal, when an agent sees it on another agents scanner. It was a simple analysis, and absolutely does not recognise that there are multiple variables that can come into play. The survey was a simple ‘rate the black medal’ on a scale of low perceived value (1) to high perceived value (5). 

The Short Summary
In a simple listing of lowest to highest perceived value, the medals were:

Recruiter lowest
Mind Controller*
Explorer highest

Further Commentary
I’m adding some commentary and ideas here, I’d welcome further thoughts and discussion in the comments. I’m breaking these broadly into four tiers based on their average - you can see these break fairly clearly on the summary graph. There were 466 responses in the roughly 48 hours the form was open and promoted on G+ and various Ingress communities.

1. Recruiter, Recharger
2. Translator, SpecOps, Illuminator, Guardian, Trekker
3. Engineer, Seer, Hacker
4. Builder, Liberator, Purifier, Connector, Pioneer, Mind Controller, Explorer

Tier 1 - Recruiter, Recharger
Recruiter and Recharger fared the worst - attracting a lot of 1 votes and generally had a downward trends in the votes as the perceived value increased. 

Recruiter is new, and doesn’t appear to be that interesting or popular to agents, some like myself saying it is perhaps a year late.

Recharger has always been recognised as an ‘easy’ Black, and I think naturally hold low value as a result. 

Tier 2 - Translator, SpecOps, Illuminator, Guardian, Trekker
Translator has a moderately low value, likely due to it being fairly easy to obtain - the first Black Translators were achieved just a couple of weeks after release. I got mine in under a month.

SpecOps is likely a moderately fast black to obtain, and it is possibly due to to number of 4 objective missions that were created to make it easy to complete a large number of missions in a short time. Who knows? Over time, and if we’re lucky, increasing mission quality, the perception of Black SpecOps may increase. Hopefully the recent change requiring a minimum of 6 objectives will help.

The newest medal, Illuminator, has long being asked for, and many of us, myself included, went straight to Black upon its release. It appears to have a moderate amount of respect, given that it potentially can be knocked of in a single field if part of a well executed operation. The requirements for Illuminator had to strike a tricky balance between those in population dense areas, and those in sparsely-populated areas - the medal requirements had to work to a lower common denominator as a result.

Guardian - one of those “you have it or you don’t” medals. Seems to be a fairly even spread.

Trekker topped out the last of the tier 2 medals - the combination of what some thought was a lower-than-ideal Black threshold, combined with agents being able to accrue some ikm (Ingress kilometres) from the car likely reduce the value somewhat of this otherwise physical medal.

Tier 3 - Engineer, Seer, Hacker
Engineer is the highest of all the newest medals releases, and I think this is solely from the fairly solid Black level of 50,000 mod deployments. It was also the first medal that saw an upward trend across the response range. This seems to be the first of the ‘more valued’ medals.

Seer, is well, polarising, and I think it may surprise many that it only came out somewhere in the middle of the pack. It had as many 5 votes as Connector and Mind Controller, but also received a significant number of 1 votes that dragged it well out of the more highly regarded medals. This is most likely a result of the perception and/or truth, that generally portal quality degrades as an agent achieves a higher number of portal submissions - the 1 votes likely reflected this.

Hacker, surprisingly to me, was the lowest of what I feel are the core gameplay medals. It surprised me, as Builder is potentially faster and easier to obtain than Hacker. This is perhaps offset by hacking being a fast and simple activity to undertake.

Tier 4 - Builder, Liberator, Purifier, Connector, Pioneer, Mind Controller, Explorer
Within the final tier, there seems to be three subgroups.

The first, could be classed “bomb, capture and deploy” - Builder, Liberator and Purifier in increasing perceived value. Builder is definitely the easiest of the three, especially compared to the requirements of Purifier - I’m actually surprised that Purifier didn’t rank a little higher due to its 300,000 destroyed requirement for Black.

The second, is linking and fielding. Initially when the results were starting to come in Mind Controller was significantly behind Connector. As more results came in however, Mind Controller actually overtook Connector. Whilst Connector has a crazy high requirement of 100,000 links, I think Mind Controller may have obtained a slightly higher perceived value possibly as a result of a little more thought required to the creation of fields, especially 40,000 of them.

Finally, there is the discover and exploration pair - Pioneer and Explorer. I think these are so well regarded due to the amount of travel that they require - significant amounts of travel.

*I would note that technically, Mind Controller was rated second highest by average perceived value, but I personally think Pioneer should take second spot. If you look at the breakdown of responses, you’ll note that Pioneer fits nicely between Mind Controller and Explorer, based on the increasing number of 5 responses, and decreasing number of 4 responses. I have intentionally tweaked the detailed histogram to reflect this and you can see this obvious progression.

Anyway, this isn't intended to be comprehensive, or a robust statistical analysis. It is simple meant to be a rough straw poll, and ranking as a result of, of the black medals. Please treat it as such and don't pick it apart too hard ;)

#Ingress   #IngressStatistics  
+John Hanke +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 
20150302 Ingress Black Medals Perceived Value
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#IngressStatistics on Portal Submission Timeline (Update!)

A huge thanks to the 38 agents who responded to my call for IPST export data last month.  This time, I obtained a total of 14311 portal submissions, broken down into:

3331 (23%) Accepted
7757 (54%) Pending
3223 (23%) Rejected

As discussed previously in September (right after the iOS release line), we saw a clear two-pass system that slowly collapsed into a single ever lengthening queue.

With 5 months of additional data since then, the then 5 month standard wait time is now just over 7 months for the majority of submissions (some unlucky submissions get lost and have been lost in the system over 250 days off the charts).

The two-pass system still somewhat exists, but is becoming much less defined.  A large number of submissions processed out of queue starting around October 2014.  These appear to be mostly rejections seen as a cloud of blue points below the green pending line.

I was assuming this could be region specific queues or speed tracked submissions but it's mostly rejections, so perhaps it's just rejection from duplicates?  Then again, out of queue rejection from duplicates have always occued in the past (from personal experience) and it would make little sense to see a sudden surge of them in the recent 3 months.  Regardless, this new pattern suggests that something is changing at the portal processing desk, hopefully for the better.
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