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to the beta tester community. To get access to the latest app, sign up a beta tester here:  We are looking forward to your feedback, but please keep the following rules in mind when posting:

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If you haven't already registered an unlock code, use this code to try the pro version for 7 days: TH7KPK21
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Where is prome Cide? 
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Zeki Oyuncu

Updates  - 
I love this app I was kidding my brother xD
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Toby caplen

Feedback  - 
Connection is straightforward but the pointer doesn't display. Shield tablet controlling hipsters W10 pro windows 10 in desktop mode
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Mario Viti

Feedback  - 
Hi, I'm looking forward for the linux server!!!! I like your app!
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We'll need some community support for the Linux server. The available Mac server relies on Qt and should be portable with just a few adjustments.
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an all around well built app you have made for everyone to enjoy... the one two functions one could ask for work damn near flawless.... for free even anyone asking for more is just greedy. the only thing I have noticed is on my windows 7 ultimate and now 10 pro PC every time the system asks for admin rights the app quits responding....  other then that just some requests a browser back button by the upper part if the mouse screen would be awesome and the keyboard to have the suggestions bar back to help with my bad bad spelling but both of those are not going to stop me from the paid version thanks again for this wonderful tool
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Hey, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about the admin dialogs, here's why:

I'll look for a way to improve the keyboard input, though. Autocompletion would be really nice to have.
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Remi Bos

Feedback  - 

A few minuts ago i used the app for the first time. I got the code and was especially excited for the second screen feature. But when ik try it, it will not fit on my phone and the mouse is not handy to use. It is difficult to first scroll than find the click button. It would be easier if u could just click anywhere. The second thing that got my attention was the mouse. It is rather hard do get it on the right place and than clicking the mouse button.

For the rest is seems like a very cool app when the bugs are out. Especially the second screen. If the bugs are fixed i will be sure to download it.

Dear regards,
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Hey Remi,
thanks for your feedback. Mapping the screen clicks to desktop clicks is generally a bad idea because of the many different form factors. On tiny screens it would be impossible to click where you want to click.

Keep in mind that you can adjust the mouse sensitivity and acceleration in the server settings.

Hope you keep having fun with the app!
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Mac Server now available
We just released our first fully functional Remote Control Server for Mac OSX! It contains all the features of the latest Windows version and is fully open source.

Because it uses Qt we might soon be able to port it to commonly used Linux distributions. We need some support from our developer community for that, though.

Please send us your feedback and let your Mac-loving friends know about this. We would really appreciate it!
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About this community

This community enables you to get access to early, unpublished versions of the Remote Control Collection. Community rules - Avoid unconstructive posts - Post in english only - Post in the right category - No support requests Unlock code If you haven't already registered an unlock code, use this code to try the pro version for 7 days: TH7KPK21
Love it 
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Jay LP

Feedback  - 
"Best Fiends Forever" macht Spaß. Sieh es dir bei Google Play Spiele an und probiere doch mal, meine Punktzahl zu übertreffen!
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Mach dich bereit für das sehr große Abenteuer mit sehr kleinen Helden! Die ...
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d radski

Discussion  - 
I like this app so much I think it's run into great id like to access the desktop view cause I wanna give more feedback
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I think you gotta get the pro version to do more with features 
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video stream is very laggy in fullhd , about 2-3 fps over a .g wifi connection. Maybe implement a low-definition scaling option for video stream?
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jose luis castillo

Issues & Bugs  - 
I signed up to beta tester but I didn't get the beta code yet, and also there's a problem with my remote control on Android, when I use the keyboard with my windows 7 professional, I can't use the dots and symbols on the Android keyboard, so I have to go to the physical keyboard on my laptop and use the symbols, what could it be ? 
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Regarding the unlock code:
Try reading the community description, community rules or the pinned post.

Regarding the punctuation issue:
The latest app and server version supports all UTF-8 characters. You can read more about that here:
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Yang He

Feedback  - 
It's awesome simple to use does what I want Easy. Two thumbs up

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Hello developers, I'm waiting for an update to the APP testers,
I used the public version and loved it and with the version of APP testers ieri learn more the same features so I can pay for the full APP.
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