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this community is officially reopened :3 i will reboot everything at re write everything (btw my art is better now XD)

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hello im back and heres the deal with food, you first need to get a job at dragon employers such as dragon trainer you get paid each week an amount of (details on page)  prices for food later. food points are how many levels the food gives (update profile of dragon after fed) see ya later guys!

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your dragon!

here imma just put cool dragons i didnt draw but i  did draw them on paper but i havent taken pics of.

can i draw my own dragon?

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LIMETED DRAGON! trade in a dragon for this dragon! only 1 week!
NAME: nevermore
age:15 months
skills 2: amature  flying and dark magic noobie

UPDATE NEWS: you can now buy limited dragons in the egg shop…but you must trade in a dragon for a new on!

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what should we do next?
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EGG UP FOR SALE BID A NAME! a commen egg dropped by the ice dragon but strang magic seems to be coming of the egg…star magic is uncommon for ice dragons!
gender: female
power: the power of ice and snow but it seems this dragon my also be a star dragon with the power of space
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