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Hello everybody, this is my first video of my channel; there's not my voice, this is because i recorded it 2 months ago, but the next videos will be great and there 'll be my voice! Now i hope that you will see my video and you will say to me what you think about...

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!Very good¡, I you present to Bloodborne, !Fascinating¡, I hope that you like.

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I'm new to the game and i'm a disorientated the last boss i completed was the blood soaked beast. I've been to the prison but it seems a bit high level for me right now. (getting one shotted 6/10 times by the most prevalent enemy type on that floor) i'm just wondering where to go. Anyone willing to help noob out?

Can someone help me with orphan of kos?

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Back at it after a very long break. Very much overdue...

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Fanart Featuring
Eileen The Crow - Bloodborne

by Joshtffx


how do i find the 
fully upgraded clockwise rune

hey guys finaly online on my ps4 
can i ask you guys something dose anyone have 
a spare old hunters set and a beast cutter

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hey guys i,m gonna make a live hangout podcast about 
bloodborne who wants to join me and should footage be shown 
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