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(rules) NONE accept for op charaters (unless your oc actually is)
(profile: mine)
name: Asura The Destructor
age: 12 to 24,000 years old
likes: friends , fighting and games
title: God Of "Wrath"
dislikes: the title "God Of Wrath" , and the gods themselves
bio: my wife was killed and my daughter was kidnapped by the gods and now I seek revenge and they seek to kill me
family: daughter
Weapons: None but mastered all
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Name: "my name is Jeff woods and don't call me Jeff woods"
likes:Death,killing things, and my Pet smile dog
weapons my knife, gun, and help from smile dog
Bio:"I was once a normal kid that went to school and had a family until one day some bullies burned me but instead of getting burned and my hair burned of my skin turned white and my hair as black as ash I cut a smile on my face cut out my eyelids and killed my mom and dad and thought I killed my brother but I saw him later when I meet jane but that is a different story"
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Name: "Well my name is Violet Di'Morte"
Species: "I'm a Shape-Shifter and i learned dark magic"
Looks: "Well my hair is black, my eyes are blood red, I'm about 4'9 but shut the fuck up i can and will kill you"
Weapons: "I have a bow and arrows and a black sword"
Pets: "I have a black Boa and her name is Σκιά which mean Shadow in Greek"
Place in Kingdom: "I am the princess because I am +DraGodFire 132​'s sister but I can and will fight in the knights place so dont fucking dare mess with me"
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