What's new? Minecraft version 1.6.4, now running on Yggdrasyl Server.

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Shaders applied to the World Tree of Yggdrasyl Server

Now running MC 1.6.2 with Horses. Haystacks, Redstone blocks and Coal blocks have returned for good (once they were spoutcraft-only items) but no Flard :(  New plugins include a wireless redstone feature called QuantumConnectors, and BlockySmoke chimneys.

Visit SIRIUS! Minecraft 1.5.2 Survival Server at arcturusmc.net
Our new Server, hosted in San Francisco by Digital Ocean.

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Mo Everything Server
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Forge-Modded Minecraft Server running on the Test Port (25575). Melysa and I are having fun with the new Mo-Creatures Mod (Dr Zhark has added Elephants, Howdah-doodah!) and a heap of custom ores and plants. Ask and I shall provide a link to the necessary packages to join in.

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I got a new package of custom Biomes for Terrain Control from MySource today. Here's the link to his testworld page (lots of nice eye candy). http://kartwork.de/tutorial/html/index.html 
I have been working on a Desert/Oasis world as a survival challenge map, using a few of these. The world Oasis on Yggdrasyl Server is my latest try. (I still have a few things to tweak, I may regenerate it from scratch).

Runs around pressing buttons at random...

Welcome to our Yggdrasyl google plus community this differs from the facebook page because all the messages that posted are done with personal accounts

Nice Tree Pic. A few more seasonally decorated trees would look good here too. Will try to take a few pics of the one we made last week.
OH, BTW, We are updated to Minecraft 1.45 at last.
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