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um... hi, I was wondering if I could share this community here. It's a great group of people and we are always looking for new members. I for one greatly enjoy my time here. So if any of you want to join us on here, I only have one warning regarding the in-game world. Beware Team Prism.

Hello everyone

New Guildmaster!
Name: It's Warp
Species: Mew-Two
Moves:Constantly Changing
Ability:Pressure Mega X : Steadfast Mega Y: Insomnia.
Bio: After the first guild master died Warp took over. He doesn't remember his past.
Items: Mewtwoite X Mewtwoite Y

I'm now the owner, so is anyone still active?


Ok so a moderator of this thanks but i don't know what to do about that

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Name: Aquamarine
Species: Mudkip
Gender: Male
Level: 15
Moves: Hydro Pump, Mud Slap, Protect, Endeavor
Ability: Torrent
Bio: A Pokemon born and raised in the wild, Aquamarine is accepting of who he is, and has sworn to never evolve.
Personality: Honest and logical, not easily provoked. He will, however, strike down anyone who betrays his trust.

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Name: Jet
Species: Bagon
Gender: Male
Level: 14
Item: Salamancoite
Moves: Bite, Dragon Breath, Dragon Dance (Egg Move), Dragon Rush (Egg Move).
Ability: Rock Head
Bio: Adopted By Guild, Back Story Unknown.
Personality: Shy But Will Help Friends at all costs in times of need.
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