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Hi everybody. Since we only had three lessons there between our recital and the end, we kept things light and did a quick trial of "Les Filles de Cadix" (Alisha sang this at one of the Master Classes). I recorded most of our last lesson for the sake of warmups and technique at home. This is the last run of that last lesson, and I think it is a perfect summary of our time together. It wasn't perfect (far from it!), but we sure had a lot of fun and friendship. And that is what is most important, don't you think?

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I wanted to share a little of my music project, Lush Agave, with all of you who have not seen it! My project is built upon reimaginings of opera arias and art songs using samples from the original and adding in my own parts, vocally, lyrically, and instrumentally. This is my way of sharing my love for classical vocal music through a pop filter.

This was taken from a show at NYC's "Silent Barn" back in spring 2015. The song is called "Madame" and is a reimagining of "Un Bel Di Vedremo" from the opera Madame Butterfly. Enjoy!

Hi, im following everyone in here to keep in touch, just so you know ;)
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