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Dreams seem so far away, but you have to know when to take that one step and start living that dream no matter what everyone else thinks of you. You are beautifully and uniquely created.

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+The Awkward Writer™
Are hikus and 6 Word Memoirs allowed I learned about them in my writing classes

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"Love on the Vine"

And these two danced on into the night
Connected by wires on the Vine
Embracing life with all their might
Because for these two it was their time

Although I could could not hear a sound
I'm sure that music was very good
They danced like no one was around
And had as much fun as they could

These two never doubted the one from above.
And one chilly autumn day they laid down to rest
They were so grateful to have a season of love
They danced for their maker, knowing it was best

The next spring they woke up reaching for each other
They knew once again that this was their time.
The music began playing as they loved no other
And thus began another season of love on the Vine.

© Rockin Rick Kaiser 2016 love you

#poetry #rockinrick #therickness #eauclaire

If you want to stay
You always need to pays
If you want some chips of Lays
You better pay

This represent that you,sometimes, need to pay if you want something.

I'm lucky, to hold my lungs
And breathe in the cold air
But my ships attended, were sinking
And I'm holding onto her tight

As my masts , the strongest lantern in the world 
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