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SVFD compressors
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BAC’s SVFD compressors feature soft starting, which facilitates controlled acceleration as well as deceleration.
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#Reciprocatingcompressor are commonly called as #pistoncompressor. BAC is one of the few reciprocating #compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore that manufacturers most of its parts in-house. In a compressor more than 70% of its weight is made of Cast Iron.

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Reciprocating Compressor or Screw Air Compressor – How to decide
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In recent times, more and more #industries rely on compressed air and are, sometimes, called the 4th utility of any industry. When looking for an air compressor, there are different types of compressor like #Reciprocatingcompressor, #VaneCompressor, #ScrewAir Compressor, Diaphragm Compressor, #CentrifugalCompressor, and so much more.

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Buy air compressor for borewell at best price form BAC air compressor manufacturers. Update with us to get latest update of all air compressor models and price details of air compressor in India.
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Air Compressor Parts Suppliers - Bac Compressor

BAC compressors provide complete solutions in the industry, as our air compressor parts prove to be sturdy and efficiently fitting. Our total solutions approach improves productivity considerably by offering vital support and solutions. Our air compressor parts include supreme quality Dryers and Filters as we continuously advance our technologies to effectively meet your requirements. We ensure that your operations run smooth and efficient and we are very well aware that any compromise on air compressor parts will impact productivity. That is why we deliver only the best-in class air compressor parts like dryers and filters.

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Rescue of Indian agriculture - BAC borewell compressors

According to survey 256 districts being declared drought-affected area in India. In that Tamil Nadu comprising of 32 districts is also named as drought affected state due to poor rainfall received during the northeast monsoon.
This summer season starts with a favor for drought. If this prolonged results in significant ground water deficits, it’s an doorway to hydrological drought. It makes ground water level to reach further depth, which causes farmers and ranchers, who depends on agriculture and pasture productivity face the losses.

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SD Series - Direct Driven compressor

BAC Compressors Direct Driven compressor has been designed for heavy duty applications and features low speed air end operation, higher lifetime of components, rigid piping Lower Specific Power.The air end consists of a single piece shaft which has male rotor profile on one end and rotor stamping on the other end

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Functions Of Monoblock Borewell Compressor India

Bac 1 hp borewell compressor have been manufactured to draw water from the depth of 100-400 feet. Discharge capacity of water varies from depth of bore.
Specially manufacturers to run effectively in the field of agriculture and domestic purpose. Our monoblock borewell compressor pumps discharges water effectively at low power consumption. BAC compressors’ monoblock compressor have served small and large homes for decades with reliability and customer satisfaction.BAC prominent manufacturers of 1 hp borewell compressor at affordable cost.

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Top Quality Reciprocating Air Compressor Manufacturer India

Reciprocating compressor are commonly called as "piston compressor". BAC is one of the few reciprocating compressor manufacturers in
Coimbatore that manufacturers most of its parts in-house. In a compressor more than 70% of its weight is made of Cast Iron.
At BAC Compressor we make sure that we manufacture all of the Cast Iron parts compared to the other reciprocating compressor manufacturers who
tend to outsource them from low quality suppliers. All our piston compressor manufacture maintain a constant chemical composition which is carefully monitored in our laboratory. The remaining piston compressor
manufacturer parts are obtained from only the highest grade suppliers like skf, IPL, Crompton, L&T, Fenner, etc.

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Trusted Manufacture of Borewell Compressor in India

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person".

Bac Compressor has huge reputation for their quality of products which is being delivered on time to the customers.BAC has been the tier one player in borewell compressor manufacturers since decades. We have supplied to customers with depths ranging from 50 feet to 1500 feet.BAC’s borewell compressor pumps are designed in higher aspect with a motive to deliver high efficiency output in the fields of agriculture, domestic and industrial purporse as of customer perspective.

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