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☤ Rules ☤

-No OP'S and God-modders are allowed here. If one of the Owners notices it, You shall get a warning. If you are not willing to change, You shall get banned.

-Your character shall be older than 18. Seriously, This community can contain quite explicit scenes.

-Your profile needs approval before you can actually role-play

-You are NOT the chosen one. You are NOT Lucifer's/Dracula's son/daughter. Technically, all demons and vampires are children of them. So you're not special.. You're normal.

-No Spam is Allowed here.

-One-liners as Role-play starters will get deleted :)
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Could you guys please join my new community ?

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The Alleviate Tower
Located in the centre of New Cunningham.

Ground Floor
 The Reception, Obviously.

First Floor
New Cunningham's Library of Witchcraft, Supernatural beings and Magic

Second Floor
Conference Hall

Third Floor

Fourth and Fifth Floor

Residence of Prince LaCroix.

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"I make my own luck"

"I rather take control over the situation before it takes control over me"

Name Vincent Clifford

Alias Venator

Age 34 Years Old

Race Human

Affiliations None

Profession Owner of Casino Fortuna

Gender Male

Sexual Orientation Straight

Appearance Most of the time, Only the finest suits satisfy him.

Theme Muse - The Handler

Bio Born as son of a Lawyer, in the city of Edinburgh. He was taught Politics and Laws at a very young age by his father. Even though his parents were strict, He can't deny the fact that they spoiled him quite a lot since the Clifford family was quite wealthy. Once he turned 18, He moved to New Cunningham for the University near the city. But instead of finishing his study, He opened a Casino in the City. Even though his parents didn't directly approve of it, They ended up supporting him, pumping money into his business. He has a well-known reputation of hating and being against the Supernatural things. Rumours even say that he works with a few Mobs to execute everything but the Human race, Hunting witches, vampires and demons down. Mostly with succes. That's the main reason why he earned the name "Venator" which means "hunter" in Latin

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Mumbling incoherent words, the Chun-Yu tapped on the glass of her vodka shot. Vodka wasn’t her preferred beverage, but it at least it was something better (in her opinion) than the other choices on the beverages list.

You see, Chun-Yu was here for a trade. For whom, she wasn’t too sure of herself. A hooded person had came to her a few days back and had asked Chun-Yu for a certain product. A drug that was like a sedative, but not a sedative itself. It was to come in a tasteless liquid form but no necessarily colourless, and would have the same effect of a sedative but after a certain amount of time, the victim would wake and be in a hypnotic trance.

Of course, this was an odd request for but Chun-Yu nonetheless completed it, after all she did have a high reputation for creating multipurpose drugs. Anyhow, her client had asked her to personally deliver the drug to their hands, which Chun-Yu never did but with the price they offered her, a little bit of “home delivery” would seem fair.

And that was how the woman in red ended up at Venture Nightclub, waiting for her client to appear so she could hurry up and retire to her apartment.

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{Open rp.}

”It would be much appreciated if little shits like you would stop being so fucking tenacious.”

The statement rang out through the small alleyway. Two figures ran and jumped from railings and balconies, obvious that one was chasing after the other. The person who was being chased, a woman in a red, seemed to know the place off by heart, grabbing the right railings to land to specific ledges that would get her further away from her pursuer. The chaser however, seemed a little less unsure of which ledges to jump from or to land.

Catching onto the ledge of the roof, the woman pulled herself up and looked down and round at where her pursuer was. The person wasn’t too far behind, giving her a couple seconds to catch her breath.

”Tell me, for whatever reason are you so intent on getting it?”

The woman yelled towards her pursuer before running a couple metres and jumping down to a set of metal stairs.

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(Open, and please, no one-liners)

Jacob Baker wanders into Venture Nightclub. Before he entered, he created an imaginary image. This image involved the carcass of a lonely girl, half burried in a ditch. Bight marks were scattered across her neck. However, blood did not ooze out of her naturally. It almost seems as if some sort of vaccum shucked her dry. This vaccum was no ordinary one, and there was little evidence that she was attacked. The man couldn't put his finger on it, but then realised where he was.

The man had been studying and surveying the area. Nightlife attractions are a big draw in this place, and the man understood that very well.

He then begins to block out this memory, as the wild music spears through his ears. Dark melodies surround his being. His body vibrates as the music thumps into chest.  His decaying heart beats out of his rib cage

The man shimmies his way through the gatherd crowed. Lights flicker from white to red, and brown liquid spills across the dance floor. The man makes his way to the bar, and places his arms upon the counter

If you are a member of this community Could you please Make your profile? I prefer not to let my community die.

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How is this?)

Quotes: "At best, I'm damaged, at worst... Well, just run."

Name: Murtagh.
Alias: None.
Affiliations: Maybelle.
Species: Vampire.
Appearance: Murtagh's hair is auburn and wavy, coming halfway down his neck. His eyes are very dark, almost black, in most cases, but are in fact green. He wears very worn out and patchy casual clothes. Murtagh is relatively unshaven with a layer of stubble and a faint moustache.

Height: 6.0.
Weight: Unknown.
Personality: When it comes to his emotions, Murtagh is very reserved and very few can tell how he is feeling. He is a calm individual who has a very frail concept of personal space and will often mistakenly invade it, coming close enough that he and the other person's face might touch. 

Name: Hypnosis, Glamour, Compelling and Dream Webb.
Effect: The first three abilities allow Murtagh to control the actions of his enemy to a certain degree, though the strength and length of time depends on which he uses. The fourth ability - Dream Webb - allows Murtagh to enter the dreamscape of a sleeping enemy and twist it. He can turn someone's wildest, happiest dream into their worst nightmare.

Hypnosis: Is the weakest yet easiest for Murtagh to do. As long as Murtagh does not look away or the victim is not shaken, startled or hurt by a third party, the Hypnosis lasts the longest.

Glamour: Is the second strongest of the three abilities. This particular ability was once the second rarest ability after Compelling, but since the user uses their charm and beauty appeal to charm their enemy into a cordial state and even make them become infatuated, vampires who had this ability were at the top of the bit list. The victim can only free themselves from the effects of Glamour by inducing pain, such as breaking a bone. As well as becoming cordial to the vampire who Glamoured the person, the victim may become increasingly aggressive to anything or anyone other than said vampire.

Compelling: Is the strongest ability yet can last for only a few moments depending on the situation. Compelling is one of the rarest abilities and one of the hardest to control and or master since everything depends on the strength of the user vs the strength of the victim. If Murtagh is more mentally superior to his victim, then he can crush and contain their will for a little while. However, unlike the other abilities, the victim knows that they are being mentally controlled and can fight back. Everything from how willful they are, how determined and how easily they give up effects how long it lasts and what Murtagh can get them to do.

Dream Webb: This ability lasts only for as long as the victim remains asleep. If they wake up, Murtagh is forced out of their dreamscape. Since they are in the world of dreams, Murtagh and his victim both have an equal chance of doing real world emotional and physical damage, though said damage is limited to what they could do physically with their bare fists in the real world. The only time that someone could die during the Dream Webb is if they fall off the edge of their dreamscape.


Hypnosis: Murtagh's eyes turn black.

Glamour: Murtagh's eyes turn gold.

Compelling: Murtagh's eyes turn silvery white.

Dream Webb: In the real world Murtagh's eyes turn purple. In the dreamscape he becomes a nightmarish version of himself.

Occurrence:Hypnosis, Glamour and Compelling occur whenever the victim looks him in the eye and his eyes change to the corresponding colour before they look away. This often draws them in depending on whether or not they are aware of what he is or is doing and his strong their will is. Dream Webb occurs whenever he finds a sleeping victim and manages to a small amount of blood into their mouth to link them.

Mental Capabilities:

Heightened senses, such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
He has extremely quick reactions.

Name: Nightmare.
Effect: This form allows Murtagh to travel through peoples Dreamscapes and then them into nightmares.
Appearance: An incredibly grotesque, deformed version of Murtagh.
Duration: From until Murtagh enters the dream world to when his target wakes up.
Occurrence: Whenever he uses his Dream Webb ability.

Main Theme:



Quotes: "An ocean of time, a river of blood."

Name: Maybelle Swann.
Alias: None.
Affiliations: Murtagh - her Sire.
Age: She appears to be 19, but is actually 178.
Species: Vampire.
Appearance: Maybelle is very small and dainty. She wears her white blonde hair down to her lower back and very seldom puts it up. Her eyes are such a light shade of blue that they are almost a whitish grey colour. Maybelle tends to blend in with modern society as much as possible, but will still wear some of her older clothes when around other vampires.

Height: 5,3.
Weight: Unknown.
Personality: Maybelle adopted Murtagh's more reserved state and so hides her emotions behind a blank wall. Her Sire is usually the only person she will discuss them with in any detail.

Unlike her Sire, Maybelle does not have any abilities.

Mental Capabilities:

Heightened senses, such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
She has extremely quick reactions.

Main Theme:

Other Themes:

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Name: Jacob Baker

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Appearance: Photos

Origins/Birthplace: Ohio, USA

Personality: He can be very aggressive at times, but sometimes he's a friendly fella that just wants to do the best for his family.

Alliance: Himself (Vigilante)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Skills: He is very well trained in the use of firearms. He can turn into an undead creature that can take twice the amount damage and do twice as much damage hand-to-hand. 

Bio: A former independent detective, Jacob became increasingly agitated by criminals throughout his life. Each case he went on, the more hatred he had for them. During a raid that he conducted himself, he stumbled upon his wife and child, mutilated by the man he was sent to chase down. He was broken and distraught. He became a crazed alcoholic. He hallucinates about his family, the killer, and people he once knew.

Jacob got a tip from a very close friend of his about The Killer intergrating himself inside an asylum. Jacob decided that he would try to get in, the only way he knew how. He became a security guard at this particular place. He had weapons, a photographic memory, and a lust for blood. He would try to find The Killer, no matter how long it would take. Even if it meant he would have to fight through the agonising hallucinations.

Baker is related to a fello named Undead Rider. A human who was infected by the undead curse. Baker possesses Rider's powers. As he becomes more aggressive, his skin turns to ash, and he is left with only fire and bone, as long as he remains undead that is.

Jacob also never had a great childhood. His father, an abusive drunk, and his mother, taking her husband's abuse. Jacob tried to block his father's devilish ways with comedy. In fact, during his teen years he took part a handful of stand-up comedy shows. He didn't get very far with it. This is mainly to do with the fact that he discovered that he was the decendant to Undead Rider, and he had control of his powers. Baker thought that he could protect the innocent with his new found power. However, he never fought his father, at the time, even though he was harming the innocent himself. Jacob wanted to get out of America as fast as he could, and for another reason. He wanted to learn more about policing, in an environment that he thought he could really help protect people. He went to Templemore Garda college in Ireland. That's where he met his former best friend, Thomas Smith and, his now dead wife, Carla. The three were inseparable, especially Jacob and Carla. They, together, formed an unbreakable bond that was rare in Jacob's cruel and shallow life.

Jacob and Carla had blossomed their relationship into something much more. They were truly in love. After their two years of police training, they moved to America. Near Jacob's parent's house. The police force in their local area was corrupt. They took bribes, refused to crack down on certain criminal organisations, etc... So, Jacob stepped in, and changed things. One man did more then an entire force. The thing is... Jacob's first case... was the murder of his mother. The murderer... his father. Jacob did not hesitate to look into the matter. He found out that the murderer was his father. Jacob was boiled with rage. Nothing before that had ever made him as angry. After discovering this, Jacob left his home, fueled by the fire that is generally held within. He beat his father to death. Every vigorous punch that landed upon his father's face left black and red marks. These marks flooded his skin. Eventually, his legs and arms were torn off of his body, and he was left there to rot.

Jacob and Carla had got married, had a child and lived a good life... in a sense. Not everything was perfect, but, for the most part, they were happy!

After many months in the asylum, chasing down The Killer, meeting new people (especially patients), and fighting for the lives of others, including his own, he marches his way to The Kileer, ready for the final fight with him. Jacob, still broken-hearted, leanrt the truth about liars... he learnt the truth about people like his wife. She, in fact, was not dead! She and The Killer had an affair, which lead to a deal between the two. Carla would leave Jacob for The Killer if he broke Jacob down mentally. With the help of The Killer's blood transfusion, he transformed the looks of another dead person into Carla... but his son, is another story. This changed everything.

Jacob didn't do this alone. He met many people throughout his journey. The most note worthy one is, Nenzira. Nen helped Jacob with the killing of bandits that tried to seep their way into the asylum, and Carla and The Killer before they went ahead with their plan of world domination. They were close, but the pair stopped them. Jacob and Nen were then lovers, but, Jacob had some other business to attend to.

A riot that The Killer created destroyed most of the asylum. This also involved a lot of security guards, doctors and patients being killed. The corrupt cops from his home town took over the asylum, since the Warden was killed... by Jacob and Nen. Two people in the force have a close relationship with Baker. One of them being, his former best friend.

A time after the riot, the pair made their way back to a "paradox room". Long story short, a particular door lead them to a room located somewhere in South America. Not long after, Nen became pregnant. 

After some time, Jacob and Nenzira were captured by the the corrupt police force. They were brought to the Russian prison known as The Black Dolphin, where their powers were taken from them... and one of the children that was growing in Nen's womb. Due to her being a Sharpedo, reproduction occurs quicker compared to normal humans. They then had to escape the prison, get back their powers... and make sure that their child didn't find and kill them...

During the riot in the asylum, the two stumbled upon a vault. What was inside is only known to them. What is known is that a shadowy organisation known as The Saboteurs Of The Sun had something to do with it. And so, the pair made their way to the city of Nightlife, not sure of what to expect.

It had been four years since the riot, and the Bakers had settled into the city. Jacob knew from the day he stepped inside the city walls that he wanted to help Nightlife's people. And that's what he did. With the help of a vigilante organisation, he was able to crackdown on The Saboteurs Of The Sun's illicit dealings, and crush the organisation from the inside. However, this stirred havok in the United States, and NSA operatives were sent in to execute Baker and his family. Unfortunately, Baker was forced to leave his family and the city. His family now remains in Nightlife, with an NSA watching them at all times.

It has been two years since this event, and now, Baker is back to his detective duties. However, this time, there is more then one monster involved in the detective's latest case.
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