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Bros looking out for Bros. He's an insulin dependant diabetic, let's find him for his family. PLEASE?

Have you seen this guy???  Was on the was to Sturgis!!!!
My cousin’s husband, Paul Greengo, left Ripon, CA on Wednesday evening (7/29/15) to drive his bright yellow Harley Sportster (CA 19H4926) to Sturgis, SD. He agreed to check in regularly with my cousin because HE IS AN INSULIN-DEPENDENT DIABETIC. She last heard from him at 1:13 pm on Thursday. He said that he was 20 miles east of Salt Lake City. She has not heard from him since. When she calls him, the call goes to voicemail (unfortunately, he has a dumb phone that cannot be traced). His plan was to drive on I-80 east to I-25 north at Cheyenne, WY. We’re not sure whether he was going all the way to I-90 and then east to Sturgis … or if he was going to cut over on Hwy 20 at Orin and then go north at Lusk on Hwy 85. Please note that the photo is misleading … he no longer has facial hair, he recently got a very short haircut, and he wears glasses. He wears a medic-alert necklace. If you have any information regarding Paul, please contact Ripon PD at 209-599-2102 (case number 15-1701). Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please share the post, and please pray for a good conclusion to this situation.

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