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The photon has two simultaneous motions: rectilinear motion with constant speed(C) and rotational motion with constant angular velocity(ω).
In Saleh theory the distinction of spectrums is due to the gyroradius; and its changes cause the colorfulness. In fact, the increase of the gyroradius means reciprocally the widening of the wavelength.
Therefore Saleh Theory represent a new and different formula for calculating the energy of photon in different color.
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The box principle: Definition
Hot examples for the box principle

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The real numbers, can we count them? Why?
Awesome results of “The meaning of infinity of real numbers is larger than the infinity of the positive integers”
Meaning of Infinity: More advanced results

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Our Learn Mathematics is now officially "DepthOfMaths"

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Ok; This wath Pi can do........''سبحان الله''

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Using Continued Fractions for solutions to Pell Equations.
Continued Fractions and Pell's Equation
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