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Hello all, long time no speak but I have been lurking, I am currently working on a new social site for Open Simulator, the social site is currently in concept and development stage so there is currently no website that is production ready but I would like some suggestions from your self, things you would like on the site, things you would like to see on a social site for Open Simulator, Things you would like to have as features. This social site is a complete build from the ground up, no prebuilt stuff, so it would be easier to add features this way and easy to connect to grids them self, (from our end at least). if you are a grid owner and would like to have a connection feature with our, or offer any suggestions then, please comment below.

Dj Rosa Alekseev@The Milliways
13 sept 4 pm pdt
Host: Saros
Come and lets have fun!

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Dj Rosa Alekseev@Rockin Ruins - Kitely Grid
4 pm pdt
Comeee and lets have a blaster!!!

Dj Rosa Alekseev@The Milliways - Kitely Grid
4 pm to 6 pm PDT

Come as you are!!!!

Dj Rosa Alekseev@Rockin Ruins, Zynlaner at Kitely Grid
25 August 4 pm pdt
Comeee and lets have fun!

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Dj Rosa Alekseev@Rockin Ruins - Zynlaner
18 August 4 pm pdt
Host: Bryan
Kitely Grid
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