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Name: Breanna Williams
Nickname: Bree
Age: 17
Caset: 6
Personality: Kind,Sarcastic, Caring,Joking
Likes: Books, Drawing, Animals
Dislikes: Bullies, Snotty Ones,twos, and threes. Her sister
Looks: Long brown, wavy hair, soft hazelish yellowish eyes.
Bio: She lived with her mother, sister, Emmy, and her brothers, Ian and Noah (twins). She hated being poor but listened to all rules and acted proper. In her room she is free to act like herself, fun, happy, artsy, and loving. She knows how to respect but sometimes her sarcastic and joking side comes out with people she's comfortable with. Her only friend was named Lauren. A Seven. Besides that Bree was always tough to be super proper.
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Name: Prince Austin Andrew Romiva
Nickname(s): Austin, Aust, Princy Boy
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: September 23rd
Biography/Backstory: As the first child of the Queen and King, Austin’s birth was celebrated throughout the kingdom. Everyone cheered as a tiny crown was placed on his baby head. He was given the very best life had to give, although there was one thing he never got: freedom. He was constantly inside the castle, studying to be king. He learned to ride a horse when he was 13, and how to swordfight at 15. Now, he is holding his selection.
Family: OPEN
Province: Angles
Favorite(s): Freedom, the gardens, fruit, royal balls, horseback riding, peace, blue, swimming, exploring
Personality: Austin is brave, kind, and adventurous
Average Grade: 98%
Best Subject: History
Worst Subject: Math
Strengths: Archery, horseback riding, swimming, ballroom dancing, chemistry
Weaknesses: swordfighting, algebra, running, jumping horses, regular dancing
Personal Style: He has a comfy yet regal style
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 140 lbs
Friends: OPEN
Enemies: The Rebels
Pet(s): A husky named Hunter and a paint horse named Paint Mare (His sister named it)
Caste: 1
Occupation: Prince
Skill(s): Sailing, archery, horseback riding
Dream Job: Sailor
Secrets: He wants to be a sailor and explore the world
Other: He is the current selector

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Name: Lilac Cynthia Dupre
Nicknames: Li-Li and Liz (called these by her family members and close friends)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: October 20th
Back story: Her mother loves gardens, nature, and the whole works. Her father she never met. Her mother soon had to pay outrageous fees for her huge gardens and her house and she couldn't pay all the money. So, Lilac went to hunt for food then sell it for money.
Family: 2 Brothers (Ethan and Adam) and 4 sisters (Rose, Lavender, Sapphire, and Lilly ) mom and 2 pets , a dog named Skippy and a cat named Pounce
Favorite things: Art, books, nature, her family, and baking
Personality: Smart, kind of shy, caring and compassionate, honest, and respectable
Average Grade: A and B's
Best subject: Art
Worst subject: Science
Strengths: Kindness, Art, her singing voice, and wisdom
Weaknesses: Her family (since she loves them so much), her trust in people, and shyness
Personal Style: Countryish
Height 5'8
Weight: idk
Power: She can summon small objects in the air (just not huge ones like chests full of things...)
Job: Artist

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Name: Princess Alexandria Kate Romiva
Nickname(s): Alex, Weirdo
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: May 18th
Biography/Backstory: Alex was found playing in the garden when she was 3. Not knowing where she came from or who she was, the royal family took her in. They found a tiara with her name engraved on and knew she must be royalty. Although she learned much, she got more freedom than Austin. She never fit in with the other princesses, and was often shunned by them. Therefore, she made friends with faeries and mermaids and things no one else could see.
Family: Austin, OPEN
Province: Angles
Favorite(s): Outside, lilac, sweets, dancing and singing, folk music, the forest, and swimming
Personality: Alex is adventurous, a free spirit, and caring.
Average Grade: 80%
Best Subject: Art
Worst Subject: Math
Strengths: ballet, singing, freedom, outdoors, happiness and positivity, photographing nature scenes, being an individual
Weaknesses: being inside makes her sickly, war, anger, sadness, horseback riding, making friends, math, following rules
Personal Style: Her style is inspired by nature. She wears flowy, girly outfits
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 120 lbs
Friends: OPEN
Enemies: The Rebels
Pet(s): A gray tabby kitten named Athena, and a turtle named Thomas
Caste: 1
Occupation: Princess
Skill(s): Ballet, singing, she is fairly good at photography. She has the power to freeze water, control water, make plants grow, and see the fae.
Dream Job: Already has it
Secrets: She can see things no one else can, such as faeries and mermaids, and she is the Fae princess.
Other: She loves the gardens, and is happy for the selected to come because it means she gets new friends!

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