Issiah is sitting in a cage suspended in the air and shaped similarly to a bird cage but much bigger when he suddenly hears a noise from below ((+polar bloop ))

Issiah is sitting in a cage suspended in the air and shaped similarly to a bird cage but much bigger when he suddenly hears a noise from below (( +Jasmine Hayes ))

Jack is laying down on one of the cabins ceiling beams late one night with all the lights on when suddenly the door opens (( +polar bloop​))

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Name: Shadow

Age: 17

Species: Wolf but can also shape shift but only certain creatures (eyes change for certain one of the creatures)

Abilities: fire breath (eyes turn firey red), summing blade weapons (scythe, and twin short blades) control of darkness and shadows (eyes turn black), Lion's roar, wolf's howl, storm conjuration

Weakness: pure silver, black lights, And lead

Bio: I born to a male Wolf and Female shape shifter but I got most of my dad DNA, at age 7 my family was killed and a year later my abilities begin ad I had to learn them and control them on my own. At age 13 I wondered into the camp and started to bring food and was kind of a trouble maker because of it but when I tired 16 I kinda became more wise and responsible and likes to help the new comers and some ask me to help find lost loved ones and I do.

(THANKS FOR Taking me hope you love my profile)
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walks around the cabin at night looking for a way in with out being caught. I am gathering some food for the people when you see me and you...

It is late at night when Emerald notices something. A section of the cage bars is loose and gone away. She quietly slips through the hole and silently runs down the hall past all of the sleeping creatures.
((Open RP))

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is in the lad badly beting and have cut all over me they took my clothes as well just so they can laugh at me and they Olny give me a cloth I growl but then give up kowning that poeple are not going to help the one a great beast

Jack is sitting in the security office late at night after playing a prank on ceil, and yawns tiredly while watching the cameras (( +polar bloop​))

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Name: Mothman
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Hight: 9.5 foot
Monster Classification: bug creature
Talents: flying ,strength ,razor like teeth,infrared vision
Weaknesses: soft body 
Usefulness: speed, strength, agile, smart
History: it is a urban myth turned real, only thing that can kill it is destroying its heart

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Name talons
Age 120
Gender Male
Monster classification: giant winged dragon cat
Talents can set things on fire and can turn into a dragon
Weaknesses acid and water
Usefulness fast escape and a strong attack
History he hated it in the lab so he broke out attacked and knocked out the employees and escaped to destroy the city

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