Is there anyone here looking to do freelance work helping setting up google spreadsheets for our various tasks. I am part of group of dental offices and we are trying to utilize google spreadsheets to track our operational metrics and Insurance AR. If there is interest in exploring this further, it will be great to connect. Thanks. Vic

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=cost*qty then copy formula down

then Sum(beginning cell:ending) for your total cell.
Brand new Sheets user, with plenty of inventory experience, but zero experience creating my own. Have to finish inventory sheets before the first of the year, and I don't seem to be able to figure out SUM and Multiply. I need to multiply 'qty in stock' with 'Cost' in 'Holding Cost', and SUM 'Holding Cost' into a total and the bottom of the column.

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I am trying to create a Workflow Sheet with 3 column with check boxes that each have separate Date and time Stamps. I have been using formula:
=(IF(D2<>FALSE,IF(D2=True,NOW(),D2),"")) but every time I click another check box it updates the last stamp to NOW time.

I want each checkbox to be independent from the other ones so we can monitor the time it takes from picking and packing to shipping point.

Any helpers?

Hi. I’m looking for someone who is proficient with Google sheets to help me set up a basic database for a small business. Nothing fancy. I’ve started one on my own but feel like I am not using it as efficiently as possible because I’m having to do a lot of repeat entries.
Would like to hire someone for an hour or so to do a phone call to review our needs and get some suggestions. Thank you. Laura

I'm referencing a "name" column from a master doc( Doc A), and populating it on another(Doc. B). There is other information that is entered into Doc B.
I am using =reference("[address]","cell"). When I delete a row, to delete a name from Doc A, it also deletes the name from Doc B (as expected), but it is shifting the names up in Doc B., which I don't want. This is messing up the alignment. Any help??

I am looking for a temporary assignment to earn some extra money. Google Drive, Docs,Sheets,Forms, etc.

I had created a column whose entries are the results of "Google finance" function. I am facing problem of not able to do anything with that column ? Please help. .

I am not able to shift the decimal points in that column, not able to do conditional formatting of that column.

Please help.

Hello, I need help with my daily work with Google Spreadsheets.
My intention is to share the forms on which I need help and that the professional make the necessary adjustments (mostly formulas) and make monthly payments for this help.
Any interested?

Please write to: (Preferably Spanish or Portugues)
Thanks for your time!

Spreadsheet help needed. I have a spreadsheet of student birthdays. Format: 01/01/2001. To save time I would like to reformat it so I can sort by month, regardless of year. Desired end result: January 1 (Prefer not to have year, but if I must, I must). This will be used to send birthday cards to each student on their birthday, and having them grouped by month, rather than chronologically would be a tremendous time saver.

Does anyone have a good way of hyperlinking a batch of photos to cells in a sheet? My use case is:

1. I have a list of items with descriptions.
2. Along with these descriptions, I would like to have a cell that contains a link to a photo of the item.
3. I have about 300 photos that I need to link to the sheet and I really don't want to do this one at a time.

Any ideas?
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