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Bonjour, je vous présente un article sur la décontamination de données grâce à Google Spreadsheets. J'ai intitulé l'article
décontamination résultats rugby fédéral
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ou comment passer de l'énoncé clair et pratique des données à la précarité formelle embellie
ou l'informatique mouvante des données et la confusion formelle des genres

How to view image in Google Spreadsheet? I stored image in Google Drive, have tried several times edit the URL. ex.<image id> but still not appeared in Spreadsheet. Anyone has solution for this?

link to my sheet

the following formula is currently sitting in cell H18:

the expected outcome of the formula is that it takes the number from cell O2 and then searches column F and finds the cell with the closest number to it that is higher than it and then it looks to column B for a name and returns that name to the output cell ... if no name is found in column B then it moves to column A and returns the name from column A

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Google SHEETS (22) - Data validation & drop-down menus
Learn how to check data meets some criteria, to ensure users enter the appropriate data.
Plus, learn how to create drop-down menus in your cells, to allow users to quickly enter data just by clicking on a menu item.

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Tutorial on how to use the EXPLORE tool to automatically create charts and analyse your data without having to write formulas or to have to know how to create a chart.

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Hi, community! how are you?

I'm struggling with this array issue that I shared in the forum:!topic/docs/ZI3lZnsjmHo

Unfortunately, I haven't had any answer yet... Is there anybody wanting to help me?

All the best!

How to lock or protect cells after data entry or input in google sheet

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Google Sheets (20) - Adding links
Learn how to link to different sheets within your spreadsheet, how to link to specific cells, link to specific ranges, and linking to external sources.
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