losing breath ...
A girl in a clown
The rooms are uneven with the father's eyes
Tear from the Eye
Slipping into the mouth,
We move slowly
From a house that burns

Lies have poisoned me
a tangle of snakes
Not from the world
My fog but
All with your holy snows

'Life change possible is not' - 10.6.2017

The spring will come again
And again the bird will come from the earth
And it will go back through the air
And the summer will come
And fry the sky in the air
And the fall will clear the traces
Three finger, five finger
in summer sand
And winter will frozen
Mud in stone
leaves in the book of changes
And everything will come again
And everything will be done
Maybe nothing
change will not

'How much?' - 10.6. 2017

How much time should pass
to know myself and one other
whether it is needed at all
or is this just one question
without question and answers and all

Everyday Lifes' - 10.6 2017

sit silently
sit silently
ray of sunlight cuts my room
sometimes something
between sunlight ran
brightnessess my room
sit silently

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