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Ok which one spreads more bullshit ? 
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Huff post

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A informative video.

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This lady is crazy. Talk about Victimhood entitlement syndrome.

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Lol, and yes this is feminism related

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Lol, thanks sam

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Wow, it looks like the far left is doubling down on their identity politics. They are idiots, because identity politics itself is divisive and alienating. It looks like the Democrats will be losing elections until they wake up and realize that Americans don't like identity politics.

Should progressives abandon identity politics? No, a new report suggests women of color should lead the movement
A new Roosevelt Institute report argues that women of color— and their issues — are the future of the left

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Not Feminism related, but posting it here so you are aware of what the hell is going on.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is complicit in the spying on of Congress by the Awan Brothers who are Pakistani Nationals. The Awan Brothers have left the country and returned to Pakistan. This is tied to the assassination of Seth Rich. This is going to explode and is too big for the DNC to hide.

#SethRich #MAGA #DNC #Hillary

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