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¡Vaya Madrid!

Discussion  - 
Do you know what these markings are?

Photo: Mikel Ugarte Gil
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¡Vaya Madrid!

Discussion  - 
And we're open!

We want to hear your ideas and your opinions. What stories do you want to hear from us in the future? What do you like so far? Are we representing your Madrid? Let us know.

And while you're at it, follow us on our Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/111580042124790262737

We'd sure appreciate it!
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¡Vaya Madrid!

Discussion  - 
The Gibraltar incident is once again dragging Ceuta and Melilla back into limelight. Before reading about them in the news, had you ever heard of these two Spanish territories in North Africa? Have you ever been to Gibraltar, Ceuta or Melilla? What's it like?

Photo: Mario Sánchez Bueno | http://www.flickr.com/photos/kainita/
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I went to Ceuta a few years ago. I was in Cádiz, in Los Caños de Meca in particular, for the summer and decided to visit the enclave with my husband for a day trip in an attempt to break the monotony that often accompanies these long holidays in a small beach town. Plus, I was so intrigued by being able to just hop on a boat and an short hour later, find myself in Africa.

I'd heard nothing of it before, except in this song by Los Aslandticos: http://youtu.be/E82JgF1zM_w

"Mamá dice que muchos venían de Ceuta..."

The city was strangely familiar but everything was cheaper. And as it was summer, it was scorching hot. I saw these 3 glistening man-made pools and regretted not bringing my bikini along. It was a nice day trip, and if I find another opportunity to visit, I'd go again.  
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