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Hello everybody,

I would like to share with you an interesting video about MALL ..

Professor Glenn Stockwell: Mobile Learning for Language Learning - Trends, issues and way forward

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I would like to suggest reading this series edited by Anna Turula.
- CALL for Bridges Between School and Academia.
- CALL for Openness.
- CALL for Mobility.

It brings together contemporary research within the field of computer assisted language learning. The range of topics includes all areas pertaining to CALL methodology: corpora in language learning and teaching, computer mediated communication (CMC) in language pedagogy, intercultural language learning and teacher training, virtual language learning environments and management systems, digital course design, mobile learning and many others.


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Good Evening all,

I want to draw your attention to this CALICO article.

It is about Computer Assisted Learning
Teacher Training Methodology
and Evaluation of a Seminar
for Language Teachers

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Hello everyone. Here is an article that shows the affect of the integration of CALL in Saudi schools

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Hello every one, I would like to share with this video about Moodle. it illustrates in a very simple way what is Moodle and what it can offer to language learners.

Hi everyone, Here is an excellent account on Twitter that is dedicated to CALL @MaLingusitics This account is owned by my class at Imam Mohammad bin Saud University at Saudi Arabia. We spread valuable information on CALL. I Hope you benefit from it. 

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Hello everybody,
I would like to help you to understand what is a learning management system by watching this tutorial video. Learn how LMS software helps instructors and organizations to develop and deliver online courses, as well as track and report the progress of learners. Video explains how online Learning Management System work as a web-based training and learning platform to provide a complete e-learning solution to companies as well as educational institutions. Learning Management System allows instructors to create, administer and deliver online courses and assessments to learners. Using a LMS Software learners can self-register and log in to take courses and assessments, at anytime and from any device via the web.

Hello, I would like to share with you a video about using authentic materials in classroom - using videos in particular- and the purposes of using that. Hope you benefit from it.

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