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Retelling Stories – Have children retell stories by choosing the correct pictures (kindergarten) or word descriptions (first grade) for each of the following: 1. Characters (who), 2. Setting (where), 3. Beginning (what happened first), 4. Middle (next) and 5. Ending (last). Next, have children paste the pictures or word descriptions in the right order.  Have Fun! 
#retelling   #sequencing   #comprehension   #characters   #setting

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A Spatial Intelligence Activity for Kids with a Seven Piece 3-D Puzzle Cube


I'm so happy that Moksh shows more & more interest in playing with all kinds of puzzles. During one of my trips, I found this puzzle in a store and I thought of presenting it to my son. I'm glad that he liked to play and solve this!!

This is an excellent exercise in developing concentration & focus, curiosity & perseverance and the obvious spatial intelligence. I will be looking for more challenging & fun puzzles like these.

What is your opinion about 3-D Puzzles? What was your observation during the puzzle time & after it? I would love to hear your comments!

Thanks for watching & happy learning! 

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DIY Visual Discrimination Pattern Matching Busy Bag Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers With Popsicle Sticks


Look what I came up with!! We love making easy, simple manipulative games at home. A few days ago, when I got my hands on Popsicle sticks, I decided to make a pattern matching game for my son. I created the geometric pattern on the sticks with the help of sketch pens and sharpie, a ruler and some tape. I made them in pairs for Moksh to do the matching work.

First, I placed even number of Popsicle sticks parallel & next to each other on to the table top. Then I used clear tape at the ends to fix them on the table top. This made it easier to draw. Then with the help of the sharpie and ruler I made some patterns on the sticks & we were ready for the activity!

Such a simple, easy, frugal DIY game!!

Pls do have a look at our video to see them better:) These are excellent for matching work, make the pairs work and visual discrimination! My son loved them and played quite a bit!

We do quite a bit of early learning at home videos on our you tube channel. Pls do visit us some time:)

Thanks for watching & happy learning!!

#Montessori #busy bag #visual discrimination activity #DIY Popsicle sticks activity #toddler #preschoolers #pattern matching #early learning

Interested in starting a Minecraft or coding after school program. I'd like to have a well organized proposal set before I approach my admin. Has anyone done anything like this? Do you have any tips or resources you could share? Thanks so much!

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Everyday, we like having Math activities for our learning at home. Today's activity helps learn ordinal numbers. Initially I wanted this activity to be just like Montessori Inspired Cards and Counters activity. I added smaller button manipulative that can be good for pencil grip & fine motor development. To make it a bit more challenging, I printed out instruction card to go with this activity.

It had instructions like...
One orange button is first.
2 Yellow buttons are second.
3 pink buttons are third.
And So on...

This worked well! It involved reading practice, following instructions and a very effective ordinal numbers learning and understanding its meaning!

We loved it:)) If you like it, pls share!

Thanks n have a great day!!

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We are currently learning about animals. As a baby, Moksh listened to a story of "Wide Mouthed Frog" and Panchtantra story of Fish and frogs a lot. He not only enjoyed these but also developed a keen of interest in Frogs. During our excursions in Botanical Graden in São Paulo, Brazil...he would try locating a frog sitting on lily pads:)) Even in Sao Paulo auarium, he missed watching frogs because they used hide and almost be invisible. When we were in Goa, more than 2 years ago, at a science park near Miramar, he spotted a frog for the first time in life and was amazed at such a small size!!

So it was obvious that he wanted to read and learn about the parts of frog. I presented Moksh to Bits of intelligence flash cards and then graduated to Matching and labeling activity.

Here's the video of Moksh learning and matching the parts of frog. He also goes on to label each part. I find these hands on activities so effective in early learning years!

How do you teach your kids about animals apart from reading to them? Puzzles, pretend play?

Thanks and have a wonderful day!!

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Hi! A few days ago I posted about finger counting Activity cards. Today, I share finger counting manipulative that I found good for our math activities.

We are doing additions, threading, lacing and patterns with these. It's good for hand & eye co-ordination, fine motor skills. It comes with a set of cards for matching & copy me activity.

This can easily be a DIY activity. Isn't it?
And I'm glad I found these:) 
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