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I'm walking around when I bump into Micheal "oh. Hey"
(Closed to +NobodyElse 101)

Annabelle: I'm walking around outside

Maggie: It’s almost spring break! YAY!!! That means a week at home, doing wacky things with Riley, even if that’s basically already what we do at school… I sit on the floor of my dorm, looking around, wondering what I should pack. I have clothes, bedding, and all that stuff at home, everything besides for my pillow. But seriously, I don’t think I will need to take anything else, besides for maybe my camera. And no way am I leaving that here…I need to capture every moment! I put my camera in my backpack, in addition to a spare set of clothes, some hair stuff, and a book I’m reading.
Then I head out of my room to go get some dinner.
(OPEN, but must include +NobodyElse 101/ Riley)

+NobodyElse 101 Can we do a spring break RP?

Annabelle: I'm sneaking around the old villain house. Ok, ok Ik I'm here a lot but I like to finish what I've started.

Annabelle: I'm walking around the courtyard as bored as ever. What to do..what to do...

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but here's what I've got... And I need some clarification...
Annabelle ( +tmagluver6 !!!!!​) is Anna's daughter
Michael, aka Sassy Potato (+NobodyElse 101​) is Elsa's son...
Wouldn't they be cousins????

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Maggie's hair and dress for the dance!
(She has red hair, though.)
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Annabelle: I walk into the dance
Jane: I walk into the dance with James (+Alyssia The Moose)
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