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"I want a reviver seed! Get me one!"
Requester: Marshtomp
Difficulty: One and a half stars (lvl 6 to 10)
Location: Whispering Meadows any floor over 5
Description: I want to become and adventurer and to do that I need the right tools! A reviver seed is a great start!
Reward: 150 Pokedollars

"I want to see the Meadows!" 
Requester: Kakuna
Difficulty: One and  a half stars (lvl 6 to 10)
Location: Whispering Meadows, complete all 10 floors
Description: I dreamed that one day I would see the flowers deep in the Whispering Meadows. Can someone please take me there?
Reward: 150 Pokedollars and an oran berry
Special Case: Team must have an open space in party

"Glameow stole my pecha scarf!"
Requester: Pidove
Difficulty: One and a half stars (lvl 6 to 10)
Location: Cramoisi Oceanside
Description: I was attacked by Glameow and her gang! They stole my pecha scarf too! It is precious to me, please get it back!
Reward: 150 Pokedollars and an attack band

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After getting Rayquaza to destroy the meteorite, all seemed calm, or so we thought. The legendary Pokemon Deoxys was inside the meteor and continued falling down towards our home. After crashing into the distant isle, Deoxys recovered and attacked Rayquaza for destroying it's home. Rayquaza was defeated quickly and kidnapped. All of the best Rescue Teams went after Deoxys but no one ever came back.  It has been almost a year since the last rescue team had left and thousands of Rescue teams have been formed. This very request has appeared on many boards, but no one has been willing to take the job, until- (OPEN RP)

I'm found reading the Rescue Mission Request Board, when- (Open RP)

Flame and fire ass searching threw the meadows looking for a few pokemon to battle while cub and cryer try to catch up (open rp)

Name: berry field's
Level: all
Bio:not many pokemon fight here mainly this place is used for getting apples berrys berry seeds TM's scarfs bands and seeds
(Open roleplay)

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"Why hello darlin' whatcha looking for~?"

Name: Cantante

Species: Dragonite

Level: 55

Age: 30 (/ but pokemon....watevs \)

Rank: NA

Occupation: General store owner

Aqua Tail
Dragon Rush
Wing Attack

Likes: Her darling customers

Dislikes: Thieves
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3/ 3 / 15

Pecha Scarf 1200

Apples (unlimited ) 20

Stun seed 50

Cheri Berries (3 in) 50

Ask about other items to learn about next shipment, darlin's~


Large Apple 50

Apples (unlimited ) 20

Stun seed 50

Ask about other items to learn about next shipment, darlin's~

Ralts walks around slowly, looking for someone to talk to
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